I don't know where to start?

Hello, I have been using blender for a while now and i have been looking at learning programming with blender, I can do basic coding in Python but to be honest I have no idea where to start, I have a basic game I wish to make but I have no idea what would be the best place to start, is there any tutorials that show how to work your code in python with blender in a way that the game engine will accept?

Sorry if I misunderstand your question but what kind of game are you trying to make ,because there are lots of different tutorials on you tube which can help you create different types of game with BGE.
So what kind of game do you wish to make?

Tutorialsforblender3d.com websight has a lot of tutorials for python and logic bricks.

Its a board game similar to warhammer but on a much simpler scale to give me experience with blender game engine and python, thank you for all your help.

There are so many sites with good tutorials, i would suggest google/youtube, lots of movies/tutorials
just set the search period on max 1 year ago to find relevant tutorials.






I think the best way to start is to make small exercises with attributes and methods of the Blender Python API. Investigate (study) the functionality that’s provided so this can inspire you to come up with exercises, ideas, concepts …

A good way to start, I think, would be class bge.types.KX_GameObject(SCA_IObject).

On general scripting in my experience I’ve learned the most by forcing myself to structure my scripts as efficient as possible, with the use of classes and modules. You have some basic knowledge of Python so I assume you know how classes and modules can be used. So that’s good.

If you don’t know were to start, just pick something. You’ll probably use the mouse to add things to the surface, so that could be an exercise for example.

Edit: Also have a look at http://www.nilunder.com/. Goran has made some great video tutorials, which may seem a little difficult at first, but will help you for sure. When I began I started with watching his tutorials and sometimes I go back to those to remind me of the stuff I’ve seen.

You might want to check his channel since his channel has lots of useful python tutorials.


Fenice beat me to it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I also recommend this, the style of documentation on the site was what allowed me to be able to get into Python and get started writing my own scripts (it’s uses of actual code examples made things much easier).

Ultimately, it helped me start to understand generic code documentation as well, so now I’m able to pick up the use of functions from the Blender API docs and Python.org, so yes, strong recommendation on that site.

Do you want to learn programming or do you want to learn how to make a game?

I ask because these are two different topics.
(programming is just a part of game development and not a good start to design a game)

How to make a game:

  1. Have an idea
  2. Write the idea down on paper
  3. Spend a week finding and fixing problems with your idea
  4. Spend a week thinking and writing about the implementation of the idea
  5. Develop the game for three months
  6. Discover that making a game is hard
  7. Give up

Repeat steps 1-7 every few months.

Actually, if you do steps 2,3 and 4 properly, you have a pretty good chance of bypassing step 6 and 7 and:
8) Continue developing the game
9) Continue developing the game
10) Continue developing the game
11) Continue developing the game
12) Decide that the game is finished and publish it on the web.
13) Find a bug and Continue developing the game
14) Decide that the game is finished
15) Repeat step 13-14 a lot of times.

If no idea, do ‘remake’ simple games… digger, snake, pacman, exterminator, etc. (those retro games from the 80s).

Wow i got plenty of replies:) Thank you very much, I will be looking into all of the suggestions, I’ll start with Goran since 2 people including himself suggested it:P

@Sdfgeoff I have already planned it up to step 4, I’m stubborn as well so I will not be giving up:P

@Monster, I plan to do both;) but for now I was mainly looking at how to use my python skills in the blender game engine etc:)

@mziskandar, I will also do this, I have made snake before using just python coding and another program:) maybe doing so in blender will help a lot towards it:)

Thanks everyone for the advice:)