I don't like Youtube anymore. Are there any other websites?

I stopped uploading to Youtube because I really dislike the format and how it’s now shaped.
I’m constantly forced to use Google plus and every time, EVERY TIME i open Google I always
have to choose a channel name! I CAN’T MAKE IT PERMANENT!! UGHH

Did anyone else switch from youtube to another website?

no i jusr created a page for my youtube username and told google to use that

I’m never going to use youtube now. I used to be hooked on watching youtube video clips, but now I am just not getting near it even with a barge pole.

Recently I have found that dailymotion is apparently using HTML5 and does not require FlsahPlayer, which was something I was looking for. But I have no idea what are the conditions for uploading videos there.

dailymotion is full of porn and madness as well as the regular kittens and children falling over. could be a useful platform if you don’t mind your viewers ditching you midshow show because naked ladies

vimeo.com is supposed to be the 2nd largest with 8%.

I was upset like you, but then I created google+ account just to see if there’s any difference… I actually find it better, of course if you don’t want to, you don’t have to use google+ at all, the only difference is reading the comments, it’s a little more organized but it has it’s pros that I’m sure you already know:
-unlimited comments
-comments from people you’re subscribed to appear first
-you can make it bold italics and so on (which I find very useful)
-you can click links
-I always wanted to know when my comment became top comment, well now you know it…
and more…
it’s failure of those immature ones spamming pictures of kittens, hitlers, bob army and spam links that youtube looks so bad…
I suggest you give it a try with google+, you don’t have to use google+, but it’ll be easier to use Youtube…

I got used to the constant changes… I don’t use most of those features anyway. But try vimeo. They have a relatively large blender community there.

-unlimited comments
-comments from people you’re subscribed to appear first
-you can make it bold italics and so on (which I find very useful)
-you can click links
-I always wanted to know when my comment became top comment, well now you know it…
and more…

The unlimited comments has already proven to be a bad idea, with people posting whole pages of text that must then be scrolled through. No website needs unlimited comments, least of all a video site. At the very least, the show/hide button needs to be moved to the top so that a large chunk of spam can be easily minimized again.

Who cares if my subscriptions appear on top? This severely damages the concept of community voice by organizing the most popular comments and channels on top. I don’t mind the idea of top comments, but the suggestion that I value certain opinions over others is insulting, and with comments sorted by popularity, old and irrelevant comments may be wasting space on top while the newer and much more relevant comments are pushed to the bottom. The default comment viewing mode should be organized by date, so that the latest comments are on top.

Links are obviously a bad change, as people can now post harmful things, and I’m not sure if this is regulated in any way or not. I believe you used to be able to post links on youtube, and clearly there was a reason they removed that ability, so why reintroduce it now?

Even without the bob spam and screamers, the comments have definitely gotten worse for me. I’m seeing irrelevant comments from months and months ago clogging the top space, and they’re not even upvoted! It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, vimeo is a great site, but they certainly don’t have as strong of a community. As mentioned, all other video sites are pretty useless. As swift says, you can just make a google plus for youtube. You don’t have to use it as the half baked social network they attempted to create.

@Zeke Faust

  1. Community’s fault
  2. Youtube’s fault
  3. Community’s fault
  4. Community’s fault

So yeah you’re blaming everything on youtube while it’s responsible for 25% of them…
I just said it has bright sides as well and that he should try it out…

Vimeo is very good if the the vimeo site itself isn’t the only means by which you promote the clips existence.

Would people really be upset if for each additional 500 characters you had to solve a captcha?

The sorting and threading stuff could easily be solved by making it all options people can set (a default, but with temporary controls on the page itselft)

Links suck for the people gullible enough to fall for obvious phishing attempts; but i personally only tried to post links on Youtube comments to try to be helpful (or to share a funny or otherwise interesting thing relevant to the video and/or the conversation).

People complain people used to be rude and annoying etc on comments before the change. But for me, on most of the videos i used to watch people were quite civil most of the time; there were the occasional trolls, religious extremists and outright asshole people, but those were relatively rare on my experience. I guess it can vary a lot depending on the type of video and the community gathered by the channel.

What really bothers me is Google forcing people to join their failed social network.

Ages ago i succumbed to peer pressure and gave Orkut a try, but in the end it was not for me. I dodged a bullet by being smart and careful and leaving Buzz deactivated. I actually started to grow quite fond of Wave, but then Google pulled the plug. Now with all this noise about the NSA using dirty tricks to get more info about everyone, i don’t like the idea of giving permission to Google to host a public profile that is linked to so much of what i do online; and the fact they are pretty much forcing me to do it only makes things look worse for them.

Google+ was trying to take over from Facebook but it failed. So the people at Google thought that to make it succeed they would give every one who signed up to Youtube a Google+ account (it seems they were desperate). I was using Youtube before they gave you a Google account and I preferred it that way but now I mostly just ignore my Google+ account mainly.

Did anyone else switch from youtube to another website?

So in answer to that question I didn’t switch to anything else I just didn’t bother with it.

I think vimeo has content that is more professional, higher quality and artistic versus youtube. Also, the comments that I have seen for videos on vimeo aren’t vulgar and critical.

I think it was naive of google to assume they could improve the community by changing the comments (obviously that wasn’t their primary goal, but rather their excuse for the change). But do they really think that making someone join google plus is going to change the way they comment?

Vimeo is definitely better. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have as successful of a platform to support content creators in the way youtube does. It is however a great place to host a demo reel or film.

Why throw the baby out with the bath water when you can fix most of your complaints with a browser extension like Youtube Options?

Vimeo is the best, really. Someone said a lot a blenderheads use it. Yup! And they have ratings! No inappropriate stuff either!

Here are some alternatives other than Vimeo that you can try,


Details about all these service can be found http://thetecnica.com/2014/02/youtube-alternatives

Yes there is Daily Motion and Vimeo.

hey dude, you can use dailymotion.com and vimeo.com, if you got faded up with you tube.