I don't really understand "LookDev"...can someone explain it to me like I am five?

I don’t really understand “LookDev”…can someone explain it to me like I am five ?

Sry, I am not an english native but what is “undering LookDev” supposed to be?

He meant understand

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In Blender Look Dev mode it is just Eevee, but by default without using lighting from the scene or from World. That is, you can preview the textures and materials in a fluid environment, which may not happen if you have a complex lighting/volumetrics setup in the scene which could become heavy on Rendered view.
If you want an analogy, you could give it a similar use to what Material View is in 2.79.
Note that in Look Dev mode you can also enable Scene lighting or Scene World as you like.

It’s a bit more advanced than solid and matcap modes, so you can see light, HDRI’s normal maps and all of that stuff, but not as demanding as rendering mode. Is that simple enough explanation?

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I just want you to know I really appreciate you making the effort to explain this to me.

Still vague, but I guess with all these answers, all I need now is practice time.

As an example. You play a little with Mr. Elephant scene:

And then you determine in which view mode it would be convenient to work while you can see materials and textures in your scene.

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Lookdev is useful because it allows you to have a good preview of the model (with materials) without having to set up the lighting beforehand (as in 2.7x).

In 2.79, you need to add temporary hemi lights to your scene to see your model if in the GLSL preview, and the GLSL was limited.

look dev is an art form in itself and it has been in VFX,Animation…etc for decades, it’s a way to test your scenes with shaders,textures, hair/fur,HDRI…etc to get a mood and a consistent feel across your shots, if you watch those making of videos you’ll see lookdev work in all of them…in blender it’s a separate mode using Eevee under the hood but lighter, for example if you don’t have lighting setup yet you can use the lookdev to test how the Assets will look under different HDRIs making it easy to see any potential problems that might rise before lighting/compsiting happen.
Cycles also deserves it’s own lookdev mode since it’s more accurate, hopefully we might see it in the future.

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It’s checking and fixing your stuff before you make the final thing. Specific LookDev software is for the boss so he can check and complain about stuff made by the many people with many different apps he abuses before he can sell the finished thing…

You are amazing !
Thank you !