I don't understand image scaling

I’m having trouble understanding the relationship between image textures and the UV maps. This is just a box and a random image I have around to illustrate my point.

If I change the scale of the image via the mapping note, why doesn’t the image get bigger and the UV map get smaller? Visually the image is scaled up on the object but it then doesn’t look like it has any relationship to the UV map on the left.

Is there a way to scale image textures and have the UV mapping scale as well?

The UV is not affected by the node.

You do have UV plugged into the mapping node and have the output from that mapping node is scaled up.

The input of the mapping node is the UV map.

The mapping node will scale the image after the uv map, if you scale the mapping with nodes it will not effect the UV reference image or the map itself.

In the uv editor you can see the lines that represent the edges of your cube. Your texture will map according to those lines, the scale of the mapping node is applied afterwards.

The most graphic way to scale your texture is to scale the UV’s in the UV editor, not with the mapping node.

Here the uv map is inside the image

Here I have scaled up the UV map outside the image

Here I have scaled up the mapping node