I dont understand the lighting, no lamp still a little light


I am trying to model a bed in a cube that has a window, the cube has a BSFD material and is white, in the whole blender world there is no light(sun etc) at all, but there is still a little light.
When I add a sun,outside the cube or inside and put the intensity to 1000, it doesnt change much or at all, i am using cycles render because I heard it is a more realisitc renderer.
Ambient occlusion is checked(on)

Well, it looks like your sun is pointing straight down, so it might not be shining in your window.

Ambient occlusion adds some light to the scene, as does the grey world environment.

It’s not entirely clear what you are looking for, do you want more light, or less?

When I rotate the sun, it doesn’t change anything, and the sun is inside the cube.
I want more light, hm when I last used blender like 1 year ago I think it was easier to light up the scene…in a more user friendly way, but I could be wrong

What size is your scene object?

it’s 16 x 18 meters

oh do you mean this? scene

The sun is not ‘inside’ the cube, it’s outside, where the environment is.

guys, it works now kind of!
thank you very much for your help!

(I lifted the cube up, went to viewport shading, and put the world strength up, and checked the scene lights)

The sun lamp is a parallel light. In Cycles, its position doesn’t matter at all. Only its orientation, indicating “from where is the light shining”.
I notice you have a “window” there. With the sun oriented such that light shines through the window, does it make a different if the window is not there? Using a glass shader is the typical culprit for stopping light rays. Search the forum, has been discussed before.

Oh I see, …the window was just a hole in the mesh, no glass