I dont understand this


It has a curved edges… how the hell is that possible.

In blender, the lines would be straight between each point.


It’s only displaying your cage, not the subsurfed result edges, because those cage vertices are the only ones you can actually edit.

Can I do this cage thing in blender? it looks like a simpler way of manipulating a lot of vertices.

So if they hit edit or something, there would be lots of polys making up the circle?

There’s the Subsurf modifier that does this; it quadruples the amount of polygons you have for every level and it smoothes them out. There’s a little circle in the modifiers’ panel that says Apply modifier to editing cage during Edit Mode, which, when ticked, will make the cage look like the image you posted.

While there are a lot of polygons making up the model that way, your editing will always be restricted to the cage (because it generates the other ones based on the location of the cage vertices). You can see them in Object Mode by going to Object (F7) -> Object Buttons -> Draw and turning on Wire or you can look at the wireframe in Object Mode.


That little circle has made my day… thanks for the reply, much apreciated. :smiley: