I don't want to play sound at game start

Hello all,

I have a space pod that the player sits in with buttons and dials all over and I each play sound effects and AI voices. However, whenever I start the game they ALL play all at once and it gets pretty obnoxious. Is there a way to prevent it from playing certain audio at startup?

Here’s an example of what I’m doing with one of the switches:

when you start the game, i think the conditions to play sounds are true so the sounds starts, just change property to False in the properties panel

Audio will play then still. There’s a voice that will update you on things being online or offline and so on and so on. So that isn’t an option, unfortunately :o

the property sensors will trigger on game start. make the boolean property an integer. start it at 0, then when you turn it ON it set it 1, play ON sound and set it to 2. then when you turn it OFF set it 3, play the OFF sound and set it to 0.

-0 waits for click to set 1.
-1 triggers the ON sound and set 2.
-2 waits for click to set 3.
-3 triggers the OFF sound and set 0.

I didn’t even think of that. Thank you, that should work. I’ll let you know when I test it!

That worked wonders Daedalus. I made a slight adjustment where it has another integer property that is set to 0 at start then after the first time you click it is set to 1 and the sound only plays when the objects are clicked on and when that integer is 1. Thank you for your help guys!