I fell through the walls...

I can’t get my game to work!

I made a maze - I was happy
I made a plane attached to camera that went around the maze - I was happy

Anybody know why? I compared it with somebody elses blend and it worked on theirs but not mine, even with the same settings!

I’m lost. Is there anything I need to make sure the walls are solid?

Are the face-normals pointing inward? That’s important for the collision-detection.
If yes: Sometimes the collision-detection seems to be a little slow and you pass through objects, even if you shouldn’t. I’m sure this will be improved in the future…
If no then you should flip the normals.

Are you using Dloc in your motion actuator? If so DON’T! It doesn’t work for collisions. Use Force or LinV instead.

thank you wiseman303, I was using dloc, so that explains the reason why.

how come everybody who keeps falling through walls have dloc on? i know that dloc means that it goes ahead how many units perframe whatever. but why does everybody end up using it? i mean with 1.00 its pretty fast ad u arn’t able to tweek it very much.

dLoc is easier to work with than working out forces an stuff, thats why i use it sometimes anyhow. Plus, dLoc is a displacement of a specific unit, whereas forces are added over time, making it difficult to control an object sometimes. Just depends on the situation.
Is everyone sure about the ‘no collisions when using dLoc’ thing? i’ve been playing around with stuff and the only time it didn’t detect the collisions was when i used a value less than 0.1, but that may be just me :wink:

Ok, so your post didn’t really need a reply, but its late and i’m bored :slight_smile:
see ya around folks