I find the Blender User Interface not intuitive. CG industry does not accept Blender.

Blender Interface makes me loose all hope. Not because it is hard, but because it is zero intuitive. Learning Blender will lead you not to a good job in the CG industry. I don´t think anyone beside some freelancers even use Blender in the CG industry for any productive work.

Think again. :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

Don’t feed the troll.

Let me get something straight… You make a couple of simple models (which aren’t even your own design), show them with no materials or lighting to speak of but with a giant watermark covering everything, stick “I am hireable” under them, nobody hires you and you blame Blender’s UI for that?

People who are making that awesome stuff up there in the top row must blame the UI as well, for doing that good…

No such thing as an industry standard interface. Lightwave / Maya / XSI / MAX all have different UIs and behaviours.

Whilst Blender does take getting used to coming from other packages, (I am a long time LW user), once you understand it, it is far more powerful than you think and in many areas gives LW a run or its money, in others it falls short, in yet other areas, it still have features lacking from the latest version of LW.

Any 3D package depends on getting on terms with it, ask many LW users, they still talk about “workarounds” that have been needed for a very long time and I’m sure the same holds true for every other software out there.

deleted post.

Sorry dude, but what does a Russian know about 3D ? Is there anything worth in Animation in Russia? I saw some awefull movies from your best Russian companies.

So spare me your bull!

My countrymen make companies like Crytek!!

If you have a support question about the interface, please make a new thread and ask it. As it currently stands, this thread is off-topic trolling.