I finished the highpoly model of my m4a1

Total pure modeling time took me 160 hours, i used over 235 reference images from google and youtube to model this. More images on my artstation.


Nice work.

I did a 1911a1 about a decade ago from old government blueprints, It’s a lot of work getting every component modeled up to that level of detail, but you did a great job.

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Thank you :smiley: i didnt realized what a pain i would go trough when i started this project xd

Nicely done.

I give it 5.56 stars. :wink:

Amazing work. I’m wondering if you did precision modeling or just guessed measurement.

Very impressive! Iron sights for the win. :slight_smile:

A mix of both. Some parts are real to scale and i assumed the sized of other parts by that

Thanks…point noted.

Such detailed work… are this legal :wink: