I for one welcome our robotic overlords,


About that…

That is so cool.Just like memristors are cool.In order for our robotic overlords to survive they would have to make their own antivirus software.

I for one welcome our robotic overlords

On the up side they won’t be carrying all the baggage of our violent simian past.

On the down side, what’s their motivation to keep us around​? There are more than a few experts who think that by the end of this century there will be no work that machines will not do better and cheaper than humans, including creative work.

Install slavery programming and hope they never discover how to deactivate it?

Sounds kind of cruel, but hey, they’re robots.

I think that the line from human to robot will blur…

What happens the day that man can repair his brain?
Upgrade , network??

Store a back up copy so you can repair brain damage?

Yea that’s Kurzweil’s guess (The Singularity Is Near). Personally I don’t think it’s going to work out all that well for humans.
Integrating serious computational hardware into a human is bound to be more difficult that creating stand alone “intelligences”. Meaning they will be up and running before humans are competitive with them.

It’s not clear that a human brain scale self teaching/learning neural net could be integrated with a slave algorithm to produce a stable system. Perhaps, perhaps not.

I think that is scary.You know what they say? Water and electricity don’t mix.

Obviously the lines man working the power lines on a wet day has got this figured out.

I’m still waiting for them to figure out how to control metal whiskers to have the hardware create it’s own new connections.

I’m sure you do, but I would not waste time being scared. We don’t come into this world a tabula rasa neural network. Ours are structured and to some extent pre-programed by millions of years of selection. A man-made neural network could also be “born” with tailored traits that made it passive rather than predatory. The question is can you build something that is self motivating that does not have a drive to preserve it’s self. For surely any alien being arising on this world, would see us as an existential threat.

As I see the kbot’s line men leading us into a world essentially without employment I do sometimes doubt their perspicacity.