I found "Hidden Waterfall" in my holiday

when I walk on the mossy rock in the subtle river… I found this waterfall…
Done in Blender internal rendering, composition in blender and little bit post pro in Photoshop

I love the composition and mood. The waterfall itself could look a bit more random, though. Right now it looks a little like white pebbles falling down; how did you do this? I’m still looking for a convincing way to make a waterfall without involving the fluid simulator or such time-consuming stuff myself. Overall, good job!

Thanks mate… I use particle system to make the waterfall, with simple cube as an object for the particle system, and then I bake it…
you can see here… http://i.imgur.com/xWnix.jpg

Ah, I see. Thanks. Maybe it would look more realistic if you tried to use more and smaller particles, and motion blur?

Yep, I also think like that… but for this scene, the waterfall far away from the camera, and smaller particle means more particle… so I decided to use that size… :slight_smile:
you right… motion blur… I miss that… :frowning:
I just dont know how to figure it out in compositor, when I use blur node with fast gaussian the waterfall looks terrible…I’ve not found the way to add motion blur from compositor… maybe it more possible to add that effect in gimp or photoshop for this still image… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I also sometimes use Gimp for such effects. Particularly when your Blender file is already large, working with the compositor is frustratingly slow and unstable (I have an old laptop I work on ;-)), and other programs have nice lens flares with much control also…

yeah… definitely right… :slight_smile:

Great work, it has an almost fairytale feel to it !
I do agree on the waterfall comment though. The only other thing is that the AA could be better.
Nice to see BI Still being used. What are your render times like?

I love the trees, they’re amazing! and very well lit. They are what makes this scene so impresive, not the waterfall.

Thanks DustyKhan… Sorry I dont know what do you mean with AA… ?
my render time about 40 minutes… :slight_smile:

Ah… thanks Louise… you are right, I just dont know how to make waterfall looks more interesting than the trees, but for sure I spend a lot in the trees than the waterfall… :smiley:

love the highlights up in the trees. Did you model them (the trees) by hand? Sad, that the strong highlights aren’t on the rocks in the foreground. And if I’d be nitpicking i would also mention that the ripple on the water surface seems not to be affected by those rocks either. Maybe the mountain in the back could also use a bit more de-saturation.
(hint: fake(?) volumetrics might also spice up the image a bit…think about some large rays coming the the forest and beeing cast on the water surface…)

One thought about the waterfall and motionblur. Why not render the waterfall itself(without all other objects) with scene-motion blur and composit it back into the final image? Just a thought.

overal a great image. keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Sorry I dont know what do you mean with AA… ?

AA is Anti Aliasing. It smooths out the jagged edges that can appear on the edge of an object. It is quite apparent on some of your trees.
You can find the AA settings under the render settings i think. Adjusting those might help

Thanks laune… yes I did… :slight_smile: but for the leaves I made in arbaro… thanks for your thought… it will very helpful for my next artwork… for this scene I decided to leave as it is, because it was final actually… again thanks for your suggestion and all your thought … I appreciate it… :slight_smile:

DustyKhan : oh ya… I just realize jagged edges on some of the trees… thanks for suggestions mate… :slight_smile:

Hi Bintang!

Great work, peaceful mood. :slight_smile:

aha…thanks lucas… :slight_smile:

wonderful scene … the only thing missing is algae at the end of tree roots… algae on rocks looks cool… and water ,trees and composition everything is perfect… very well done :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your suggestions Nita … I hope I could be better for the next time… :slight_smile:

I love those trees they are almost perfect. Please make a night version with a moon behind waterfall and mirroring in water!

the image looks good, great concept. :yes:
there’s a few things that i want to point at ( encouragingly ) :

the reflections on water look too uniform ( try adding another displace modifier with a different tex ).
the branches ( and other parts of the scene ) in the middle have some artifacts on them, try rending with FULL SAMPLE enabled.
the mountain needs more work. ( bigger, less trees maybe ).
I also think having some “SUN RAYS” with help a lot ( very useful in such scenes ).

looks great generally.
best regards.