I got a Blender tatoo!!! woot!

So there was this airbrush guy drawing tatoos. I got blender as my image :eyebrowlift:.

Kindof feels geeky / nerdy at the same time …

I probably would have been the one designing this if it was permanent, but its cool as a temporary :slight_smile:


rock on. :cool:

Cool. I hope that when you get spotted by a male 100 kg blender head with a massive BO problem, you get hugged by him for 100 hours straight.

Seriously man - I envy your watch.

I was about to call you crazy when I read the topic name.

After seeing it. It looks kinda cool. Even if it is a bit insane.:stuck_out_tongue:

I would say cool, but i would be lying…

don’t get a real one.

hahah thats pretty cool dude

Is that permanent? What if you get a job in 3D and need to swich to Maya or 3DMax?

That’s awesome!

That’s crazy, but not as crazy as when I read someone got 2 Microsoft Zune tattoos months ago.

Too bad real ones can get infected and are nearly impossible to remove when you’re done having them.

You DO realize that the logo is backwards, don’t you? The “fingers” are supposed to curl counterclockwise… :eyebrowlift2:

You DO realize that the logo is backwards, don’t you? The “fingers” are supposed to curl counterclockwise… :eyebrowlift2:

lol, yeah, I did think something looked a bit odd about it… but I’m looking at it upside down so I didn’t really think much of it… until you mentioned it :slight_smile:

It was the airbrusher - You gotta give this guy a little credit , he knew a little about blender … and he was going off of memory (I thought he was going to look it up or something, but he didn’t) …

anyways… thanks for pointing that out…
not many people even know about blender around here :eyebrowlift: , I’m just glad he got the general color correct :slight_smile: (and that this tatoo isn’t permanent! :D)

I hope to get a permanent blender tattoo someday…

I think it looks cool. Have fun with it!

rocketman: I would not recommend it.

  1. It is a program, try finding someone with a Microsoft Word tattoo.
  2. You will have it stuck on you for the rest of your existence unless you feel like burning large portions of your skin off with lasers.

Sure, Blender seems like a good guy, now; with his mustache and motorcycle. But think about what will happen down the line. A guy like that can’t be pinned down, and when he finally leaves, they all leave eventually, all you’ll have is a broken heart and a that damned tattoo. Spare yourself the mental and emotional heartache, break up with Blender, now, or, at least, don’t get him tattooed to yourself.:cool:

I remember the trouble I had explaining, to my wife, why another man’s software was tattooed on inner thigh.:wink:

At least he picked the right software. Imagine him walking around non-FLOSS-savvy people saying he had a tatoo of a GIMP in his arm.

Thats fucking crazy

The top Blender developers have Blender tatoos on back of their head. You wont see that, because of hair.

I heard that Ton has a wig and his tatoo is golden. You can try to put his hair off on the conference.