I had enough. My particles wont do as it does in my Viewport, compared to Render

The Viewport

0120-0159.mkv (2.3 MB)

The render

The problem is as clear as day.
I render it and it looks crazy.

I viewport animate it. and it’s totally fine.

If this requires a blen file please let me know. Because This seems like a glitch in Blender and I cant figure out why. It’s driving me crazy.

I dont think it should be this complicated to work with particles.

There is a count of 2 users for this particle system datablock.
And there are objects hidden in outliner.

So, there could be another object emitting particles that is hidden in viewport but allowed to be rendered.

That is my second blade. Left and Right.

They use the same particle system.

They are the ones giving me trouble. But I rendered it as a Single Blade Particle emitter.

And It still gives the same is in render but not in viewport

I’ll add that this seems to only happen when I render in animation. and not a still animation.

I mean a still rendered image.

Have you gone into the Cache section of the particles panel, and clicked “Bake All Dynamics” ? My particles usually wont render correctly in an animation until I bake them.


You freakin genius. It works.

Thanks so much. That thing was driving me crazy.

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