I hate computers

My video card died last Saturday night. So I plug my monitor into the onboard graphics on my motherboard.
Then I fired up Blender to work on my game, but it dropped from 57-60 fps to less than 4 fps.
That sucked.
So I ordered a new card on Sunday.
Card just came…and it’s the wrong one. They sent the PCI version instead of the AGP one that I ordered.
So now I must get an RMA, send it back, and wait for the replacement.
I think I’ll go insane if I have to go without working on my game for another week or two.
So what do you guys do when your Blender is broken?

Lol, it seems more like your video card is broken.

Hmm, can’t you settle for using the onboard graphics chip that your computer already has? Just work on the game, model characters and stuff instead of doing the game engine part of it. (I’m guessing that Blender’s only slow when you run the game). When you get the new graphics card work on the part for the real time engine.

Lol, I can live without Blender for a couple of weeks. School demands that it comes first!

Jason Lin

That’s not true; usually when you are having problems with your video card and realtime the modelling enviroment starts “kicking you in the head” too.

I know, I’ve seen it with a kick-ass machine with wrong drivers for its video card.

This is completely the wrong forum for this. But I’m glad to hear that you can run your monitor without a video card (I don’t have integrated video.)