I have 2 year old beer

Found it in the garage.

Will I die if I drink it?

i doubt you would die but it’s going to be very nasty. it’s gonna taste like a skunk smells. it is gonna make schlitz seem like a good beer. i would look on ebay and sell it as a collectors item since the can or bottles have probably changed.

i had once 2 hours old beer, but this sounds interesting.
just send it to me. i try it and let you know.


Yeah, send it to Basse, lets see what happens. What don’t kill you makes you stronger, but you’ll be sitting on the toilet for about a week before you find out.:evilgrin: However, if Basse dies, I’m sure his sons will be talented enough to carry on his Blender work.:slight_smile:

I drank (a tiny bit of) it.

Pure vinegar :frowning:

I was under the impression that you drink 2 year old beer on a regular basis!

Get my drift…:D:yes::slight_smile:

Foamy? Yeast were probably dead…

Well, now you have something you can use to wash the windows.

Or clean out the coffee maker