I have a bug!

(klopes) #1

It’s a big, repulsive bug. Reproduce it following these steps. I don’t know if it has been reported already, sorry if it’s the case…:

1 Create an armature
2 Copy it with ALT+D
3 Animate all of the bones, independently each armature (that’s, define one action per one).
4 Create a plane
5 Define a constraint for that plane, i.e. “copy location” type, to a bone of one of the armatures.
6 I think it’s. The armature the plane is constrained to, will lost sometimes its action, and sometimes (in 3dview) the action will be subtituted by the other action. Anyway, as you move the mouse chaging the active window, select different objects, etc., the armature changes its actual position and makes bizarre things… :-?

What about you, please?

In Spanish:
1 Crear armature
2 Copiarla con ALT+D
3 Animar los huesos, independientemente una de otra
4 Crear un plano
5 Definir para este una restricción (botón de las cadenas) de “copy location” a un hueso de una de las armatures.
6 Creo que ya está. La armature perderá, a veces, la animación que tenía. En cualquier caso, hará cosas raras.

(sten) #2

do you mean ALT+D for a single Bone or the entire
Armature ???

if you do a instance copy (ALT+D) of the entire Armature ,
you will create 2 Armature-setups and that will
create mirror like animation on each Armature-setup,
like…2 alike Armature-setups, moving the exact the same…

and if you must do a constrain on a Bone, be sure
to be in Pose-mode when the Armature or single Bones needs constrains…

you do like this:
select the Armature ,
enter Pose-mode with CTRL+TAB,
choose which Bone you want to have
a constrain and there you go…

but I don’t know why you want a instance of the entire Armature,
can you please tell us ? I would understand if you like to have,
a copy of one of the Bones INSIDE of the
Armature !!

I hope I helped you a bit… :wink:

(klopes) #3

Armature, of course! My goal was to create two characters, for which I did 3 copies of the first arm. Finally, I got 4 arms (two per character :), two right ones and 2 left ones) based on the same armature (that is, all copied by ALT+D).
In these conditions you can define DIFFERENT actions, i.e., different rotations for each bone in each armature. You have only to be sure that the ALT+D is done before you define the movements…
The problem cames when the constraints are done (a character carrring a box, that is the case). Then, the arm works mad.

(sten) #4

have never had any problems with that issue…

(JarellSmith) #5

> but I don’t know why you want a instance of the entire Armature,
can you please tell us ?

I would say that Klopes is right, this is a legitimate bug.
The reason is the same as in any case for why you would want to use instanced copies - reducing redundancy and file size.

If you have more than one character, which could use the same armature, why should you have to make a full copy of the armature, when you can use an instanced copy, each with it’s own seperate defined actions.

When I tested this, the bug also seemed to depend on what was selected (In object mode). If the plane or the instanced armature were selected, it worked fine; but if the original armature was selected, both armatures would use the same action.

Blender 2.23 version used.