I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! (#Animation/Action database)

Guys – lets create some group animations we all can share – here is what I mean

2nd Installment:


  1. Standing to walk
  2. Walk Cycle

3 fall to roll to stand
4 fall to hard landing

5 another walk cycle

6 forward jump, roll, stand
7 forward block

  1. Open the file

  2. Append your animation or animate your own:

  3. Create an animation
    examples: walk cycle
    run cycle
    dramatic take
    double take

etc etc – whatever you feel like doing

  1. upload the new file

  2. Now – all of us who use the standard metarig now can append your action – so long as you didn’t change the overall metarig ( it’s ok if you resized the metarig to a character, just don’t significantly change bone angles or roll)

It’s really a an advantage for everyone – gives practice for you, and for those looking for generic actions or making movies or games, it can be a big help.

Again – no mesh is required – just actions

Sounds like a cool idea!!

First Installment:


Currently 2 actions:

  1. Standing to walk
  2. Walk Cycle

Sadly, many corporations block google docs. Just saying…

Off topic –
what do you mean? Are some people unable to download? If that is the case let me know and I will get you the file

A lot of large corporations block sites like google docs. Unfortunately, mine is one… I am not sure how much impact that will have, as I can easily go home and see it. (My wife has yet to block google docs…)

You could always share them on Blend Swap!!!

You know full well I am completely devoted to Blendswap – and will gladly share – but my thinking is to combine all the actions into a single blend file that could be regularly updated – is blendswap a good method for that? I mean – I know you can update blends – but it is likely that people will not keep up with the file – and I hope for a community involvement – I mean more than just a bunch of actions I made up myself – so how can others contribute without blogging the system with a thousand variations on the file (this blend uploaded by bob, another uploaded by sam, another by karl etc etc)

Input is welcome

I have added a few actions

fall to roll to stand
fall to hard landing

another walk cycle


Another update.

Added a
forward jump, roll, stand
forward block


Hi - Fairly new to the entire Blender animation scene, but learning fast.

I would like to say that this is a great idea! If ever I get good enough to help I will certainly contribute to this resource.

I have managed to get your library and the poses etc, but am wondering about the best method for actually viewing them all. The default one loads etc and looks very good, but how would I go about actually watching/demoing a walk cycle for example.

Do I need to clear the scene, add a new default rig and apply each step a few frames apart?

Any help much appreciated.


Hey Mickey:
Assuming you have a character who uses the human metarig (with unaltered names for control bones)

  1. Start with your character
  2. File menu–>append
  3. Navigate to the blend file with all the actions
  4. navigate to the actions folder in the blendfile
  5. select the action you want to append, click OK
  6. now, select the armature of your character
  7. In the dopesheet, switch to action editor
  8. select the appended action from the menu

now your character should move like the appended action. You may need to rescale the character to get the motion to be properly sized

I was thinking it was about time to upgrade the human meta-rig to already come equipped with the basic animation cycles, such as walk, run, jump, and add on as needed. No reason not to have a library of animation cycles we could chose from before generating the meta-rig. I also think it is about time to create a four legged meta-rig; for animals or other creatures of course.

I had this idea in my head for a while now but never got around to posting it here…

Anyways, in order for this to work in BlendSwap there needs to be a specific download page dedicated to this kind of file. Currently if you upload it to blendswap the file will become lost as people continue to upload their models. I would love to see this down over at Blendswap though.
Another thing, there needs to be oversight to insure quality animations or bvh files are uploaded. We can’t have newbies polluting the file with poorly created animations. I believe Blendswap does have this quality check thing going on to keep bad models from getting on to the site, which is good.

We could definitely create a new category for bvh files. We would need to do some work on allowing the new file system filtering through our repacker but it shouldn’t be to hard. One thing that would help us check quality would be if all bvh files uploaded we required a video of the animation in the description. This would just require the uploader to make a youtube/vimeo link and add to the description. This is all very doable on our end. Just keep us informed.

I think using the standard metarig for this is a great idea. All of the links are dead though. Did it ever move to Blendswap?