I have a problem left clicking the x,y, z axis....blender 2.72

I can’t get my objects… which at the moment is the cube to move along the x,y, z axis using my mouse. If I left click, all I seem to do is move the crosshairs. I am using Blender 2.72. The only way I can move along those axis’ is if I click “G” for grab then which ever I would like either x,y, or z. if I try to get the trackball to move… I cant do anything with it. IS this a bug? Ive been looking for answers on youtube in tutorals but, everyone just left clicks and moves along the choice axis… I feel like im lost until I can get this working. HELP!

If I left click, all I seem to do is move the crosshairs
That is correct dehaviour by default
You can grab the object with RMB or use the manipulator widget (turn on/off with the icon on the 3d view header) and LMB on the separate arrows

For more help please supply concise screenshots and example blend file

Thats the thing the LMB doesnt do anything when I click on the separate arrows:(

Thats the thing the LMB doesnt do anything on any of the separate arrows. I might need to show a video because screenshots wont show action

First rule of the support section :Provide a .blend file.

We can’t help you because we can only guess what the problem is.Start up blender with the factory default settings and see if you still have the problem.If you do,then the problem is with you or something external.If not,then something has been changed in the project you are working with.

i found out it must be a strange computer issue, I downloaded 2.72 and didnt do anything other then go over using moves and commands and only using the LMB and only for sliding or rotating along the axis it wasnt working, When I installed another version 2.56 it would work. so I figured…I would try a different mouse…reinstalled the 2.72 tried a different mouse…still nothing…But, being its a 32 bit, pc I couldnt install the 64 so I installed 32bit version on a old laptop…the LMB worked the way it should …so, that shows me that there wasnt a bug in the download. So reinstalling 2.72 it still came into the same original problem. So I conclude that theres a pc issue…perhaps in the registry or maybe a software related conflict somewhere. So being it works on the laptop I can use that till I update my pc…But, In the download…32bit version I went to enable the screencast under addons… it wasnt there…its as simple as it could be to find and not listed… Not that I need it anytime soon but, should I want to record some art I’m working on it would be nice to see on the recording should I want to find out how I might have done something whether right or wrong, or for someone else to view. Thanks for the little bit of help you guys offered

Hello, Prez27125. You are not the only one with such problem. I use version 2.72a and I have the same trouble with handle manipulator along axes. This program is installed on new OS, blender settings are default. It’s impossible to demonstrate this trouble neither with screenshots nor with project file. I can move object only with hotkeys g+x, g+y, g+z. I use OS MS Windows XP SP3 32-bit. On another PC with better hardware running with MS Windows 7 64-bit there are no troubles with manipulator in according version of blender 2.72a 64-bit. Tell me please the configuration of your OS. I’m sure that is bug in blender.

Hey Squib, The computer I am on now has windows xp home edition version 2002 service pack 3, 32 bit. I loaded blender 2.53 i believe and using the manipulator for the axis worked fine…i was using the 2.72, then I saw2.72a so I downloaded that and still the same thing. but, I downloaded the same 2.72 (theres the 2 you can select mirror1 and mirror 2) I used mirror 1 I think onto my laptop which is windows xp, 32 bit, not sure the service pack and works fine on there. The only thing I can think is I did have a virus/ malware situation awhile back that affected the registry and may still have a issue in the registry that doesnt affect anything else that I know of. even ran a registry wizard cleaner and nothing change the gain control. I take it that theres some sort of bug in the computer…whether its in blender which it might be since everything else in Blender seems to work. Or perhaps a ddl error or registry thing…I dont know. Look in yours 2.72a and see if you have the screencast enable under the addons. I dont have it on mine… wondering if yours is the same too.

I decided the problem after much anguish. in preferences ctrl+alt+u, system tab, use opengl selected.