I have a problem with radiosity and the armature system...

Here’s my setback -
I have made a madel and set up an armature system. I used the armatures to position my model. Now I would like to do a radiostic render of the model BUT whenever the meshes are collected the model reverts to its default position according to the original position of the armatures.

Does any one know how to freeze the mesh after positioning it. Or even how to get rid of the armatures while keeping a position.

Thanks. :wink:

When you do a “pose” you must isert “keys”
Press i key in the 3d window or enable the KeyA in the info window, Blender will do it automatically.

I don’t think the armature system is compatible with the radiosity engine, so you’d have to use a Python script to extract the deformed mesh.

you could try the Apply Def script from there http://mysite.iptic.com/theeth/Python/

hope that can help.