i have a problem

i made this cool microphone…

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and i want more, i want to make things in the background and have good lighting so that the reflections off of the metal look realistic, here is what i got after trying to get good reflections…

i known huh. its not good. any suggestions on settings on raymirror settings, or are there other settings i should work with?

and also i wanted to know how to make things that are far away from the camera to look blurry(or up close).

and the background on the second pic isnt what im gunna use. any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks in advance

see heres what i mean,


this fellow did an amazing job blurring the little antenna, and making reflections in the material. i want to achieve similer effects.

You’re looking for DOF (depth of field) for which you can search here because it’s a regular subject. You may also want to read the manual for Motion Blur during rendering: