I have a project I need an animator for

Okay, so I started a project for Youtube and started to realize it’s a two person job. I need an animator to help me, like do most of the animating since I’m still fairly new to Blender. It’s not a very complex project, like at all, but I’d also need some help sculpting the character models and honestly, my PC isn’t the best. I’d be willing to offer 20% of any revenue it got, and I really have faith in this project. None of the sculpting will be all that complicated, and the sets don’t have to be all that elaborate.

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Thank you. Not sure what happened.

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I can help do the animation. But my PC isn’t up for sculpting either.

By sculpting I don’t mean anything too CPU intensive, I’ll send a PM with more details.

Are you still looking for an animator on this project?

Can i join? But i want to be a modeler

I’d recommend getting more experienced with Blender before trying to take on any serious animation projects (ie longer than a gif). For one, there’s a good chance what you think isn’t a complex animation is (you said “sets” plural, so its probably a complex project). And sculpting/modeling characters is inherently complex. If you haven’t modeled a character before, let me warn you now “some help” won’t be enough. Takes at least a year* to get any good at modeling characters - and you’ll need rigging, clothing, hair, textures. Sculpted characters need to be retopologized too, unless sculpting on a mid-poly basemesh that already has correct topology.

These are things you simply can’t know until you have experience animating and modeling characters. 3D projects are always more complicated than people who aren’t experienced expect, and if nothing else, prior experience on shorter projects will set you up to be able to plan and scale a project that is feasible to complete much more effectively.

In fact, unless you expect character modeling and rigging to be your passion, and/or aren’t aiming for a specific stylistic look, I’d actually suggest looking into something like Human Generator (you’ll need the commercial licensing, this may seem expensive but is actually a VERY good price AND Blender Native), CharMorph (free Blender addon, includes MB-Lab models and Reom, noticeably lower quality than Human Gen), Reallusion Character Creator (it’ll cost you more than Human Generator in the long run, but allows for a greater variety of ages and body types, and their plugin imports the models pretty well). Daz Studio probably costs less than CC, but they can’t be bothered to keep their own Blender plugin up to date so it doesn’t work.

Trying to find a skilled character modeller who will work for free* on someone else’s passion project will be harder than saving up for one of the good character tools. And the characters will be rigged. They’re a great way to begin character animation and art when you lack the skillset or even just the time to make good looking characters yourself. You’d still need to learn to animate or find an animator, but you can learn that from youtube tutorials. Characters can be modeled with polys. If you have zero experience sculpting characters, it won’t look better sculpted than poly modeled anyway.

* Everyone claiming to have mastered full character creation from character modeling, texturing, and rigging in less than a year has turned out to be using Daz or Character Creator in my experience.

** 20% revenue off a youtube short isn’t going to be much of anything - it’s essentially working for free, particularly if you’re new to animation and don’t already have an audience. And if you need someone else to do the character models and animation for the animation, they’re doing probably more than 20% of the work.

This implies you also want them to help make the sets, plural, in addition to most of the animation and helping with the character models. Make sure the percentage you’re offering is fair for the percentage of work you’re hoping they contribute. You’re likely underestimating the complexity and thus feasibility of your project. A simple short can be a semester long group project in an academic setting. This is true even for live action films, where no modeling and animating is needed.


I already let the person in PMs know all that I may need help with is the rigging. I’ve sculpted my character and rigged the mouth and eyes.

I know how to animate to a point, my prototype had the bounce and squish, just needed some tweaking.
I wasn’t gonna ask for help and not put in an effort. It’s also not a short, it’s a series. I’ve got the whole world planned out.

The hardest part is gonna be lip syncing, as I’ve done that before, just not with shape keys, but the world comes later. But this isn’t gonna be as complex as I thought. I can make them walk and talk, when I make a kitchen, there’s the set. Starting small to build hype, but other than lip syncing, I don’t think it will take long.

I can see where it would be with hair, limbs, etc. but these are just fruit models where the bottoms are blobs. It’s a Veggietales parody.

Also this latest version of blender works way better with my CPU than I realized, like waaay better. Kudos to the dev team.


Yeah, I was picturing human characters. Modeling cartoon vegetables wipes out probably 70 - 80% of the complexity I was thinking of.

So many people have extraordinarily unrealistic ideas about what qualifies as a simple character or animation project, that it never occurred to me you were legitimately talking about something simple, not something you thought would be simple due to inexperience. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, I’m actually impressed you’ve planned out a project that’s actually as simple as you say it is as someone who’s new to animation. (It’ll still be a lot of work, but it actually sounds manageable for a newbie solo animator and/or a partner)

Apple texturing looks good, by the way.


Thank you :smiley:

I’ve been messing with blender for a while, but still pretty new to it. I did the bouncy ones (those were CC assets) a year ago, but the preview playing only did 12fps. It does 30 with the latest version. It’s more than doubled, and that’s just as far as I’ve been able to tell. Same system, no upgrades. That’s also the first time I’ve sculpted, but did have to do a smooth Laplacian to make the mouth smooth. Here’s the back where you can see a bit of the sculpting, lol.

After this I just need my eggplant and I’ll have the leading characters.

Does a shape key to squish seem like a good idea for the bounce and hop?

Yep, that would probably be easier than bones for characters like this. You can make it with proportional editing or the sculpt tools. You can even add it to your rig with a driver.

Sweet! Thanks! I made a demo. My first real CGI animation! I pulled it off with three shape keys, but thinking I’ll add one for E. The shrinkwrap mouth was the best option, and the lip syncing is easier because it’s animated. It hit me when I was watching Lupin III that cartoon mouths don’t have to be 100% accurate, and no tongue or teeth is a bit closer to Veggie Tales. I might have to find a new eye rig, though Any suggestions? Maybe floating eyebrows like I’ve seen elsewhere? These have a lattice deform modifier, but shaping too much for emotions makes the eyes look so bad and deformed.


This is not a support section. 90% of these thread have one of you telling someone they can’t do it and if it was up to you nobody would be good enough to do a joint project.
Ill animate it if he wants to let me try.