I have a project I need an animator for

Okay, so I started a project for Youtube and started to realize it’s a two person job. I need an animator to help me, like do most of the animating since I’m still fairly new to Blender. It’s not a very complex project, like at all, but I’d also need some help sculpting the character models and honestly, my PC isn’t the best. I’d be willing to offer 20% of any revenue it got, and I really have faith in this project. None of the sculpting will be all that complicated, and the sets don’t have to be all that elaborate.

edit: I don’t know why this posted in this board, but could a mod please move it to the volunteer one?

Moved to volunteer work.

Thank you. Not sure what happened.

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I can help do the animation. But my PC isn’t up for sculpting either.

By sculpting I don’t mean anything too CPU intensive, I’ll send a PM with more details.

Are you still looking for an animator on this project?