I have no idea if anyone will like this...

Abstract picture made in blender. I do hope you like it


I like it :smiley:

me too like it.

this can inspire me somehow.

lol thanks everyone. its actually only a uvmapped penny with a high displace value.

if you do make something, link it here, I would be interested.

here’s another one using the same technique as the previous, only using a picture of the blender logo for the texture.


this is nicer

This is actually really cool, and it sounds extremely easy and quick, too. Now I want to try out some abstract art myself :3

Those look really nice, esp. the second one. IMO this can get big - look at this guy’s work (browse the gallery) for some inspiration :slight_smile:

cool. I like to use the album artwork of Autechre for inspiration

I love the colors in the last one, they just flow together perfectly!
Looks really beautiful!