I have no memory of this place....

… to quote Gandalf. I realize it has been over a year since I’ve logged on. Work, life, lots of changes… so how’s everyone?

I’m doing fine, the place hasn’t changed a whole lot unless you were gone more than a few years (before the new theme and the takeover by the BlenderCookie team).

Blender’s also gotten quite an array of new features, for example, the modeling is a lot better than it used to be.

Hey Moonflower! :slight_smile: As Ace Dragon said, not that much has changed, really. Nice to see a familiar avatar around again though!

Also, I used to be a MeshWeaver, until I took a username+avatar change to the profile :wink:

I’m the PlanetKiller. Destroyer of worlds, crusher of evil, lover of the cute and furry.

He was in the mines of Mora? 2 tunnels and did not know witch so he chose the one with the best smelling air?

@Philippe: Hey, good to see ya again!

@Ace: Good to see you as well. The last time I was on was when the new dark forum theme had been added.