I have problem with UV coords exporting.

I have worked with the UV coordinates(texture coordinates) a long time, cause they are not right when i am exporting them. I’ve begun to hate such a good program that Blender is.

But they could had more documentation about export scripts… I have checked some exports scripts for directx and compared them with mine but i can’t find out why mine not working right.

Since i am a new user, i can’t post links to a picture :frowning: but if you put http:// in front of this “imageshack.us/photo/my-images/691/boxcf.png” you would see a picture of what i mean.

 for uv_textures in mesh.uv_textures: 
                 endOfTexName = uv_textures.data[0].image.name + '*' 
                 for data in uv_textures.data: 
                     for uv in data.uv: 
                         uvCoordsPacked = struct.pack('<2f', uv[0], 1 - uv[1]) 

And here is a code snippet from my loader. mesh is defined as mesh = bpy.data.meshes[object.name].

I have debugged my program to see what’s happening, and I see that the indices from the faces are only meant for the vertices’s and not for the texture coordinates. So wrong texture coords are being used per vertex. So I wants to know how you can index the texture coords so they are linked with the indices in the faces.

I would have been glad if someone told me how it is supposed to be done.