I have some problems, I am new to Blender

I have just installed blender and downloadet the MD2 importer/exporter. These plugins need python installed on my computer. I installled it. But i don’t know how to let blender know where it is located.

I have a DELL notebook celeron 600, 320MB RAM, ATI RAGE 128 AGP 2X 8MB (DELL) 3D CARD. I am getting very low frame rates. I think I dont have the openGL driver for my 3D card. Could anyone tell me please where to find it? I tried to find it to www.driverguide.com but I didn’t find it.

hi, check the sticky at the top of the python and plugins forum " how to set your python path 101 ".

You can only use Dell’s own mobility drivers. Goto support.dell.com, type in your TAG number nad get the latest video driver.