I have some problems with texture painting

Hello guys, recently i had some problem. I’ve done girl face and started to texturing it, but when i tried to fill it, this filling was so strange (here’s the image)

The color have different shades in different places. I think the problem is in UV.Can you help me with this, I’m just begginer at blender,ehehe)

How did you made the UV map (maybe show an image of the uv map)? By hand or automatic? Seems like it can only find these faces from the mesh. When you click the fill again on a different place ?

Well, i wanted to show UV too, but new users can attach only one image, but there it is

. I think the UV created automatically, cos i didn’t do it.

If you have not done it then you should google how to Uv unwrap a model. I guess its a sculpt so choose one of the automatic solutions.

Yeah,I get it ,I’ll try, thanks.