I have some render baking issues.


I’m using the Render > Bake panel to bake some images for a project, but I am not fully getting all the results I expect.

This is the blender project (bake_spheres.blend (676 KB)), it’s a plane with 4 spheres as the hi-poly, and another plane named Baker as the low poly.

I used Unwrap on Baker to create a nice uv, and then created an image using the UV/Image editor.

I created a black material for the hi poly plane, and white materials for the hi poly spheres.

I baked the Textures with Selected as Active, and the result was as expected.


  1. If I create a second image and try to bake the normals to that image, the normals are always baked to the first image, the one that had the textures image.

  2. The ambient occlusion bake is tinted by the material colors. I am expecting a fully white image with gray spots where there is occlusion on the lighting. How can I remove the material colors? My solution now is to apply full white materials and bake again!

  3. How can I control the number of samples and the hit distance when baking the ambient occlusion image? Are there any options when baking ambient occlusion?

Thank you