I hope me

I hope me :o

I’m not a good Arab girl Arabic :mad:

And very useful Mtanttm
And I hope to learn from scratch Alpellndr

I want to learn a human body

I want lessons Talmni step by step how to design human Balblndr

Regret going on so long

I hope you help me

I have loved your work and images Tamlunha Balblndr that I wanted that as soon as Atalmo

To share your great games to drop by Koabkm Antjtoha

You have my appreciation and respect:o

Uh-huh. Well if you want to learn how to model the human body then I recommend looking at models that other people have done. Also there are some tutorials that might help:


I also recommend that you know about edge loops, mesh flows, and other elements of good model design; it can make your work a lot easier.

[LEFT]Thanks very
Tapetk me

I will try Alastvazh of these sites

If possible steps written lessons for beginners to learn Alpellnr

Regret for the inconvenience[/LEFT]


[LEFT]Thank you for helping me get Thira
If you have any lessons for beginners placed me here

I regret Tapetkm[/LEFT]

It looks like you are using a translator…
first thing to learn is that al pellnder is called Blender in English.


if you prefer help in arabic, you can visit these forums,

there are good video and text tutorials in the stickies…
good luck

[LEFT]Thanks a lot for me

I wish you happiness[/LEFT]