I import an image into UV Editing, but the image is not showing up, why? (with screenshot)

I’m trying to add an image to this coin I am making.
However, the image I am importing does not even show up in the UV Editing tab display.
I imported a .png and .jpg version, both don’t show.
Why is it not showing up? I “unwrapped” the face I want.


Two reasons- you’re in the 3D viewport, not the image editor or UV editor, and you’re in solid view, and the texture won’t show up until you switch to Rendered View (Z)

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Is the image texture node in your material setup? You may have to create a new material and add the image.


Was just gonna request a screenshot of the node setup! You got there first!


@Zorro_Weaver, @josephhansen, @PMDesigns thanks , it was nodes (I’m new to Blender!)
I got the image onto my model coin. my next question is: how do I rotate the texture so its the same way as the image at the bottom left? (The image on the reverse side is the correct way up).

The reverse side of my model coin(correct):

Go into the UV editor, select everything with A, and press R to rotate the UV map. For precision, you could either activate snapping by holding down ctrl, or manually type in a number. (180° in this case)


getting there… I’m trying to add a height and normals map to it. But in the image below when I try and plug Bump-> into Normal the main image vanishes. How do I properly insert heightand normal map here?

Click on “Color Space” in your normal map and set it to “Non-Color”. Then add a Normal Map node and place it right in between your normal map and the bump node.

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do you mean like this? The image still appears flat on my coin. What am I missing?

may be easier to drop your file here, there could be a lot of things causing it to look like there is no bump/normal info. lighting, engine, etc. Have you checked to make sure your bump/normal stuff is correctly lined up in the UV editor?

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thanks, I’d be interested to know whats wrong with it. Here’s the file, I assume the normal and height map are included in the Blend file.
Coin3.blend (1.5 MB)

they are not, this should help:

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I packed the resources… the file has ballooned to 28Mb, and the upload on the forum is max 5Mb.
I put it on Dropbox instead. I’d be interested to know why my bump/normal isn’t working. : )

the base color files are packed, but it looks like the normal maps arent:


However, i think maybe your issue is due to your file name, blender seems to be interpreting it as referencing a udim tile. try removing the numbers from the textures file name and re-adding them to the node setup.

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Tried that… the udim reference has gone, but still the same result.

I uploaded the bump and normal maps separately, maybe my maps are wrong:


ah, ok I see the issues.

A few things here, probably good to put a “background” node in your world shader:

and you probably dont need both a normal map AND a bump map. A bump map just creates a vector output from a heightmap. You already have that vector output in the normal map.

either way, you have the Strength slider on your Bump node set to 0. turn that up and you’ll see your details. It looks like your bump map has low frequency details, and your normal has high frequency. just as an opinion, the output from the bump looks a lot better (turned up metallic and adjusted roughness):

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thanks, I don’t know why I’m not getting the same result as you.
The Strength value on my bump node was 1.0.
I tried excluding the Normalmap, and just using the Heightmap as you can see from the image below. I also tried sRGB and Non-Color, same result, cycles and eevee. What am I missing?
(I added that background node in world. )

Sorry, not Strength. turn up Distance.

I fiddled with Distance, and it changed the image on the coin, but it did not elevate it.

its not going to physically move the mesh. For that, youd need a more subdivided surface, a displacement map, and you’d need to be in Cycles, not Eevee. Normal map and bump map only simulate that information by influencing the lighting interaction