I just can't

I just can’t do this anymore. Every time I think about to begin working under a new project I just put it as a latest task in my to do list, even when I have a free day or something I just look up for anything else, but 3d - house chores, walking around, playing video games, anything.
Why I can’t do this? Why every I feel dread every time I start to think about 3d?

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Consult your doctor as you’re burned out. It happens.

Do you like doing 3d modeling or do you only like the end result?


…skip playing video games…

no seriously, currently I’m in the same situation, since my dayjob is currently very demanding, and my body just needs more time to regenerate…I decided to go with very short projects wich can be finished in a few hours, until things are sorted out. and put the larger ones on hold, until I feel the urge again to tackle those. (Your body is actually very good in signalising when he is ready again)…

Simple todo lists might also help to structuralise your free time. (Especially killing of projects wich are to big to do in your planed time before you actually start them). But again don’t push yourself with them too much.

its easy to make 3d an unhealthy obsession…take care


The human brain runs on rewards. Games offer instant and powerful rewards and can act like a drug, there aren’t many things that can compare to games in that aspect.

Willpower is an illusion, it is nothing more than your brain prioritizing delayed tasks because it believes it will get a better reward later. Your beliefs are directly related to your willpower. As soon as you start doubting that a task will be rewarding, your willpower will crumble.

You don’t want to do 3d modeling because you believe other activities are more rewarding.

Start small and meditate.

Start small with a model that can be completed in 10-30 minutes, this will start to convince your brain that the task is rewarding and worth doing.

Our brains are constantly thinking, and it thinks it needs to be constantly thinking because not remembering to do something can lead to punishments aka consequences.

What am i going to make for dinner tonight? Do i still have enough electricity? Should i do some cleaning and laundry? What about that task at work?

All these things take up focus and your brain might not want to add another task to the already full basket.
Meditation helps to clear the mind and can help with reorganizing your thoughts, maybe some tasks are more important than 3d modeling and should be completed first, maybe a task you thought was important isn’t that important after all?

Just my 2cents :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes we make up reasons why we can’t do it or why we don’t want to do it. Also sometimes we immediately want something huge or big when in reality we have to take it step by step.

Just a quick story. I graduated from a Computer Graphics and Design Program. But right after college I wasn’t one of those who stood out since I don’t have that much projects to show to my future employers. I really doubted myself and made up reasons why I can’t do it. So I changed careers. I ended up in sales for a Real Estate Company (pretty much doing all the manual work, calling, prospect unlike now we have tools available) and I tell you that 3 months of working there was the worst. I make a nice $$$ but it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t fulfilling.

So I went on another venture. I was kind of an entrepreneur myself I was exploring different small business ideas (pretty much ticked off 3 out of this list). I was having fun but still not fulfilling I kept thinking about design, 3D, and all.

So, I took a break and became a bum for a bit just so I can see what I’m missing.

And then an idea came into my head. I thought why not just have a business that offers services that can help me make use of my degree. So I did it. First few months was a struggle, finding clients, prospects and all other things. It was tough but I sort of found a sense of self fulfillment that really pushed me to go above and beyond. Then months came and I got my 1st client and then 2nd and then 3rd. It went on.

So yeah, I totally feel you on this one that sometimes we loose that sense of motivation to do things that we really LOVE to do. And it can be tough. But my advice for you, take a break like a week and see if you can survive without 3D. I mean that how I found mine shifting jobs and careers just so I can get off it. Might be worth a try.

maybe your a bit burned out? when was the last time you took a little break or made something that was more of a fun project and was not pushing you to learn a bunch of new things? sometimes it can be such a slog. It’s okay to be tired?

Something that may, I think shed light or just a bit as to why people tend too routinely shelve stuff.

Motivation is Bull

…well at the very least prompt further introspective thought