I JUST got blender, i have no idea what to do

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(VelikM) #2

Welcome to Blender!
‘Space bar’ ‘Add’ ‘Mesh’ ‘UVSphere’ ‘Tab to exit/enter edit mode’ ‘s to scale’
‘g to grab/move’ ‘r to rotate’
Tutorials at http://www.elysiun.com/ under the Tutorials link :wink:

(banana_sock) #3

i would highly recommend finding a few basic tutorials. Blender is extremely complicated with all those buttons, so its better if you find out what you have to use. Most of the buttons aren’t used for simple things anyway. The elysiun site has a few tutorials, but there is a post in questions and answers with links to heaps of tutorials, including some basic ones. Good Luck

(S68) #4


My quick start!

SPACE -> Lamp

SPACE -> MESH -> UVSphere -> OK -> OK

G KEY -> Move with mouse upwards, so that bottom of sphere is 1 square above that strange red and white circle




P.S. then have a look at the topic 'current list of tutorials in this forum…

(Riskbreaker) #5

I find, for me that is, that the best way to learn is to make something. It does nothing if you just stare at it…(Im kidding Im kidding :slight_smile: Put the knife down please…)

No, but seriously. I heard somewhere that if your baby’d through steps you only get a vague idea, where as if you learned things through purpose you’d understand better.

My guess is you’d want to look at some basic tutorials, but instead of going through the tutorials word for word, apply these tutorials to your own needs eg. If you want to make a head, look at a tute and see what its methods are…try it out with you own designs or what not. And if all seems boring…play around with the thing…it helps to have the motto “What does this button do?” :smiley:

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Hi Chelmo,

Welcome to Blender:)

if your useing windows you can download this basic training file
unzip it , and double click,


hope this helps,


(banana_sock) #7

i kinda agree with riskbreaker, but imagine not having any knowledge with blender and trying to use it without any help. I mean there must be a thousand buttons!

(IanC) #8

Try http://www.scarabs.co.uk and go to the tutorial section!
I have written some basic tutorials to try.

Hope you enjoy Blender!

(paradox) #9

By all means try out hadjs basic training file it is very good for beginners.
And Thanks Hadj for posting that again. I lost it when my drive crashed a couple of months ago and was going to email you about it because I have a new blender user in my house ( a new roommate) and wanted to give it to him. Now I can.

(TomorrowMan) #10

Hey Chelmo! Welcome to the wonderful world of blender, your gunna love it! But anyways, i would find some basic tutorials from the internet first, i have a few i made a while back…im planning on making a huge collection of tutorials going over everything in blender, but i cant find the time to do much with it, cause i have many projects! See if you can get a tutorial on modeling/texturing/rendering a castle or sword those are good to start with…i started with those two once a upon a time…anyways, after you get some practise, see if you can get your hands on a book called, “The Official Blender 2.0 Guide”, its a GREAT resourse…covers nearly everything!..Also, it wouldnt be a bad idead to try and make a little object(once you learn a certain technique) that wasnt included in the tutorial…like after your learn “extrude”, try and make something different with it…I wouldnt advise making something complex, like a head untill you get more advanced…blender will be confusing, and a little frustrating at first, you dont need anymore confusion with trying to make something like that! Lastly, once you get even more advanced start doing more complex projects, like a stunning still image, or animation, or even a game!, after all, you can only learn so much from reading, a large sum of your blender knowledge will come from experamintation, and experience. Well, i guess thats it for my EXTREMELY long reply! :stuck_out_tongue: , and…happy blendering!

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Hi paradox,

Thanks for the plug:)

and my drive also crashed about 2 months ago and i lost everything,

i guess i dont have to tell you its been a tough “row to hoe”
trying to get back to where i was. (blend files, plug_ins…)

and Welcome to Blender, (new roommate)(nick?)


(paradox) #12

You welcome [email protected], your basic training is a very good thing for learning blender. My cousin used it after he had been using Blender for a while and still learned stuff. Yes I know losing everything was bad but one good thing seems like in replacing stuff I’ve gotten better so the quality of my work is better than what I lost. I’ll tell my roommate about your welcome when I give him the file. He hasn’t gotten on the boards yet, he is young like my son and neither is around much. Good room mate though, has a job and is not around much what more could I ask for. :slight_smile:
And he is learning Blender. Makes 3 Blender users in one house.