I just saw that, blender is also a video-editor so...

I just saw that, blender is also a video editor software so i believe that we have to open a forum category for video editing in blender…
We would discuss video edits from simple small edits to extreme green screen render edits with effects and combinations with our 3D models together in our video and even more pro topics like that.

So, what do you say, shouldn’t we open another 1 forum category for video editing?


it might be good to make one like VSE and Movie editor. but with the amount of features, and how much there used i don’t think it would get a lot of business. in my opinion.

Post questions here http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?31-Compositing-and-Post-Processing
There are far too many subforums already so no need to start a new one with little traffic