I just stuck my head in the blender....

Hello everybody!
I just got Blender and its astoundingly confusing, I will get used to it but I have already eaten most of my fingernails…
I did figure out how to make that initial cube into a ball, and then get at the sculpt tools and this is the result:


(its not great, I have only had Blender for about an hour) I am having an awefuly good time messing about with this!
Next I have to figure out how to add more… ummmm… stuff to make a body out of.

Once I got the sculpt thingys going this was rather easy to make.

What I am thinking of doing next for the body is using meta balls which I also found by poking about. What I am wondering is if there is a way to make things out of meta balls and than use the sculpt tools on them?


Well yes you could build a rough figure with metaballs, then convert them to mesh, You’ll have to live with the resulting mesh though which may have the most curious structure. Always think of removing doubles (overlapping vetices, Wkey menu in EditMode)

Hmmmm haddent thought of that… w key huh?
Thanks… going to try that now.
I take it from what you said that there are better ways of doing this?

I have started digging around in tutorials, its become very clear that I need them…
Blender is VERY deferent than the programs I am used to from the old days of Macintosh… I was used to the mouse, now I have to learn to use the keyboard.

One of the more interesting problems I have is not knowing how to ask questions, not knowing most of the terminology makes it a bit tricky. I think the tutorials will help with that.

I have to say that Blender is the most interesting program I have seen in years and I am having a great time making stuff and messing it up!


That looks promising, nice head proportions and a good touch of originality.

You’re already showing talent, now work on your technique :slight_smile:

My technique as you called it could be described as blind fumbling! Its a good thing Blender is not a waffle iron.
This morning I pushed the multires thing too far and crashed my computer AGAIN… this was after giving the poor guy a neck, lots of cool looking wrinkles around the eyes nose and mouth… All I wanted was more detail, but I guess I went too far.
Maybe I need more ram or something…

Last night I messed about with importing models from other programs, GREAT FUN! I should have some images of that stuff soon…

Today its off to the tutorials so I can actually get an idea of what I am doing and see if I can start being more of a Blender User and less of a bulldozer.


Hi Neil,

Looking good!!!

You should look into the Blender 3D: Noob to Pro guide on the following link.


It gives you a walk through all the main functions of Blender via lots of tutorials.
When you’re done with it you should feel comfortable enough with Blender to go your own way.

Good luck with it!


if you are on windows, try using Linux insted. its much less bloated, so frees up more resources for blending:)

your model looks good, try using the seat smooth option. it would look better if you made a simple mesh with correct topology, then sculpted that to add detail

Thats funny!
I am doing that right now!
Its great, and its rather clever in the way it gets you to remember all the key commands… something I was a bit worried about.
Naturally me being me I keep having to start over because I cant seem to help screwing about with stuff that isint in the tutorial… “oooooooooo! whats this button do???”
For example I just found the beauty button and mess my self up by making my object MUCH MUCH smoother… there isint an ugly button is there?
So far I have made a box with round edges, distorted it half to death and started making the “simple person” who has gone totally haywire and is now a rather odd thing…
But I know how to grab onto vertices’s, faces, groups of both and edges… and move them about with a small degree of control
Time to start over!
Back to the simple person.


Im going to have to look up this seat smooth thing… As for Linux, I love it and before I moved here I had been using it since before it was out of beta… now I have a girlfriend who is hell on computers and refuses to learn how to use them… so Linux is out for the time being…
Your signature file is hillarious!


Been working with tutorials, and making a surprising amount of progress, some of these things are written very well!
I am still messing about with the sculpt tools which I love, I have always wanted something like this and now I have it, Blender is terrific!
Its interesting that the way I draw with a pencil and the way I am working with the sculpt tools are like two different people, I cant wait till I start figuring out texturing stuff…
More pictures soon.


Heres another picture:

Oh yah, I hit some random key while working on this and ended up with all these views, How do I get it back to one big one?


press ctrl+left arow key

your modal looks good… what is it?

I dont know what it is, I just got carried away with the sculpt tools, and came up with this guy who has tentacles coming out of his face and lots of lumpy bumpy stuff…
Its like playing with clay but a lot less messy and it dosent droop on you.
I have started working on learning about subsurfaceing which seems a lot more tricky but will be more useful as I get better at remembering key commands and stuff…
Thanks again: ctrl+left arrow key was just the thing!


I havent gotten into textures or the UV stuff yet and in fact cant seem to get the camera to point where I want it so I have been messing about with PhotoShop to get an idea what this thing could look like:


I find it amusing that Blender still thinks of this thing as a cube.