i know how to put a period on a sentence

Once again im not a bot i did that h fiasco on acciident i was trying to delete it but im not a bot.

well, i am a bot and i’m proud

Not a bot.

Troll, maybe, but not a bot.

You’ve got 10 posts, 5 of which were used to start new threads, and in all of the threads you’ve done nothing but ask people for tutorials. If you want tutorials that much, there’s this other, popular website called “Google” that can help you find what you need.

I don’t want to be an ass or anything, but you claim to be typing all of this from your PS3, which is fine, but last time I checked there wasn’t a version of Blender released for the PS3. You have to have a computer, and I would assume that that computer has the internet if your PS3 does.

In short, I don’t think you’re being serious. There are some people who have - for reasons unknown to me - decided to continuously make new accounts and spam the forum with this exact sort of crap: Asking constant vague questions with horrible grammar, spelling and punctuation. You basically sound like Civx or one of those other tools to me, as CivX was constantly going on about how he wasn’t a bot as well. The Bush avatar is a nice touch as well. Cause, you know, that’s not going to push anyone’s buttons or anything.

I think there’s another site related to Google that’d be more appropriate, it’s called Let me Google that for you.

The f-bomb in a web address would likely be blocked on my computer or on many new user’s internet.

I agree wholeheartedly.

wut i tght diz wa s e TesYinh ground fo bots ?

I am starting to wonder what “troll” actually means. First, I thought it’s someone who makes hateful / vulgar remarks all the time, then maybe someone who has really bad grammar and spelling, but I’ve been called a troll and my spelling is good…

Uhm this is a wate of time…ban this guy…why start a thread for this ? !

Pretty much if you dont kiss ass on here you are a troll.

One other thing I noticed is double standards that people have. You can spend your whole days slating MS Windows (calling it winders/windoze) and no one says anything, but as soon as you say something funny about Linux you end up being a troll. :confused:

Ill probably end up being labeled a troll for posting this.

Nobody ever gets banned on this forum. You can practically get away with anything.

edit; and a troll is someone who purposefully annoys people in any way he can. Usually by being a retard.

Squiggly_P: Sorry to break it to you, but I have Blender on my PS3. Free cookies for anyone who knows how :slight_smile:

Ya, I agree w/ Squiggly_P, the bush avatar has to go. If you could spit on people and throw shoes at them over the internet, you’d get it…even if you were actually a decent person.

Is there an unwritten rule that anything related to Bush on the internet is forbidden, for the record I did support Bush?

This forum’s main rule on avatars is just to keep it appropriate, I think the forum here allows any U.S. president to be used as an avatar if it’s not explicit.

Mebbe TUSCON is Bush 43. After all, he’s retired, gotta be getting bored.

Must.refrain.from.smartass.political.comments. Very.difficult. So.many.things.I.could.say.

“But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved George W. Bush.

Shouldn’t there be a period at the end of the sentence “i know how to put a period on a sentence”?

No, it’s because it was specifically chosen to annoy people and draw them into flamewars.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, he chose it because he either likes Bush, knows Bush personally, is from Texas like Bush, or a combination of the three.

I’m with the dragon on this one; just because someone on the internet bothers you, and God knows this forum is littered with those that aggravate me, does not mean it’s a conspiracy against you and that he chose his avatar to personally anger you…

“i” should be capitalized also.

Ye avatar is really cool. I wish I had one like. And to everyone who posted here - your posts is really cool. Have ye all a wonderful day and a wishes for ye futures. May rose petals adorn ye beds, and exciting opportunities present itself to ye at every cross road.

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  • > half of his posts are just him whining about not being a bot.
  • Bush avatar. Is it trolling to like Bush? No. But with all the hubbub at this place around politics, I’m surprised anyone would think any sort of political avatar would be a good idea. Put it this way… if you wanted to troll here, but not get yourself banned, what sort of avatar would you choose?
  • already has one locked thread
  • asked support question in the wrong section
  • that question was such a basic question that if I were to take it seriously at all, it would mean that the guy didn’t know how to use a computer AT ALL. Seriously. He might as well have asked “how do I turn my computer on”. You save files in blender the same way you save files in any friggin app at all. If the guy doesn’t know how to do that, then he shouldn’t even be attempting to use anything as advanced as blender in the first place. He should start with notepad or something.
  • has created dupe threads.
  • trying to read what he writes give me a headache. Poor grammar and spelling. No punctuation. Does he know english at all? He’s from Texas. I would assume he is, even though he’s named himself after a city in Arizona.

It’s like trying to deal with a small child. The kid thinks he’s SOOOO clever and funny, when in reality it’s just sad and pathetic. I, for one, am not going to pretend I don’t give a shit. It’s bad enough this section of the forum is turning into Go-Gaia, but to have him bumping threads off the news and python sections for his little joke really infuriates me.

TUSCON, if you’re legit and you really want to be a part of a forum, then you really need to learn a little bit of etiquette. I dunno, maybe if I speak in memes it will help you to understand.

You’re doing it wrong!