I know this isn't really Blender support...

Hey all!
I know that this isn’t really Blender support, but i do use it for Blender…!
Could you guys post a few screens of what my Channel looks like to you?
I used it on my netbook, and BOY did it look bizzarre!

Look OK on Chromium - 14.0.835.202 (Utvecklarversion 103287 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10

Looks fine to me too. Firefox on Windows XP.

This is what I see (Linux + Firefox):

… I should start having problems with how my channel renders on other computers -> good way to get some quick attention from BA folk. :wink:

PS: If you’re interested in how it renders on various IE versions, try this: http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/

Looks fine to me in google chrome, window 7

Haha I never considered that! Time I have some more problems!