I, Lego Robot

Well Folks, this is my first Blender image, actually my very 3D image at all.

It depicts my first Lego Robot, I thought that might be a fitting model. Besides, I expected a simple structure made of Lego bricks to be easy to model (because of the rather simply structure).

Took me forever to model it though… :expressionless:

Critics and ideas are welcome :smiley:


Not bad for your first model. I think there is too much reflection on the yellow and green parts and if you notice on some of the pieces, there are strange lines running through them. To fix this, go into edit mode of the problem piece, select all vertices and press ctrl+n.

Not bad for a first work :slight_smile:

@ Wiggie

you´re right, the buttons looked strange. i fixed them with strg-n and also changed the proportions to make them more realistic. someone gave me the hint with the lego-logo (funny word :smiley: ) and i think it looks good.

do you also have a clue how i can get rid of the strange reflections at the neck and the adapter between base and body?


Go to edit mode and recalculate the normals, it looks like a normals problem.

I think its simply a problem with the orintation of your normals in edit mode select all (a) and recalculate normals (ctrl-n). I also think that the buttons on the front also have a normal problem (so recalculate those also). Personally I think the arms are way too dark, but thats up to you.
Nice image, idk but the quality of first images is really getting better :smiley:

cool lego robot just wondering do you put it in a cube then make the cube huge to get the room feeling?.. nice colors and good reflection

@ Kansas_15 + rogerm3d

I already recalculated the normals. other ideas?

@ Vaccine0101

no, I used planes. a big one for the ground and two smaller ones in rectangular position for the walls.

try to remove doubles.

for the lamps (yellow&green):
select all, extrude, [Enter], [alt]+[s] to make them not full of plastic, but more scooped out. - if you know what I mean. :smiley:

(damn google language tools)

Cubes could’ve worked just as good, and vaccine, to make a room effect with a huge cube you scale it and put the camera inside.

@ spazz

well, actually i´m not sure what you mean… :expressionless:

hm, i removed all doubles, i recalculated the normals… maybe it´s a lighting problem?
i will try some different settings and see if it works out better…

in German: Die ‘Lampen’ vom Roboter sehen jetzt so aus, als seien sie vollständig aus Plaste. aber im realen sind sie teilweise hohl. verstest du jetzt?

tried to translate in English: the ‘lamps’ of the robot are looking like if they are completely filled with plastic. But in reality they are in some reason hollowed, d’u understand me?