I loaded a blend file and model messed up

I loaded a blend file for the model im trying to convert aaaaaand this happened…


WHY did that happen???

Is that a .blend file or a file that has been converted or imported?
If a .blend, was it made with add-ons you don’t have, or with a different version?

It was 2.80 the current one. I was working on the model and saved it. I went back to try to work on it some more and this is what happened.

So am I the first one to experience something like htis?

Hi there welcome to BA!
It might be that you did a lot of work without applying the transformations. It should not happen like this but it may be the cause.

I dont know how to apply transformations…I never had to do that before until 2.80

I tried that, it didnt work at all

Well it was just a wild guess. Can you upload the file some where? Unfortunately I don’t have time today to look at it, but I think someone else will.

I’ll have to publish several files

Well I tried it in 2.79 and instead of a normal pose it starts up mangled

Seriously? No one has figured this out yet???

I guess it’s unfixable?

How are we supposed to figure it out?
All we have is picture of a messed up model. We don’t even see the UI which would give us a clue.
We aren’t psychics you know…

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What more do you want from me? I explained my situation and showed what happened. That’s all I can provide! I got nothing else to go on. I dont know what caused it. I just export the model from xenoverse 2 and pub the fbx in blender. When I try to change modes it messes up like this. I dont know what else to do!

Well, you could have told us that you imported the model as an .fbx for example. Just like @josephhansen asked you. Then how about actually provide us with the file. Anyways, you didn’t want to.
For what it’s worth I will give you a few points that I would check if I would have such a file.
When importing .fbx you have to make sure, that you use the same coordinate orientation as the program you used when exporting the file.
Those spikey parts coming from the head seem to not properly taking your rig into account.
You might also want to over bone rotations, since the legs are so weirdly twisted.
But then again all of this wild guesswork. There’a ton of stuff that can go wrong.
So no one of us can say for sure, without having an actual look at it.

Then I have no idea. The program that’s used doesnt have anything set up. You just selected the file and it makes it into a fbx. Nothing is set for it. All it does is allows you to make models from the game 3d models, fbx. Like I said not much to go on…I don’t change anything. I dont choose anything. I just import the fbx and that’s it. When I try to fix some bones by changing modes it causes it to turn into what you see in the image which is why im here asking for help but it seems that i’m the only one experiencing this so im beginning to doubt anyone can help me and it’s something unfixable

A lot programs use y up instead of z up. That could cause your model to lie down like that. But then you should have noticed right after import.
Can that prog export without a rig? Based on how it’s build it might not be usable in Blender and broke everything on save.

Edit aaaa, just noticed, that it occurs when going into pose mode.
Are there poses stored in the fbx? Try to delete them.

Basicaly, after a bit more info. I am pretty confident, that the rig is messed up. You might want to delete it and recreate it. Blender has issues with .fbx

Edit 2: I’m moving your thread to the rigging section. There are more people with more knowledge about .fbx and rigs than me.

Great. I was hopeing to keep the rig…all the bones are placed nicely where they need to be and im TERRIBLE with this sort of thing and im glad it comes with it. There is nothing that I know of that allows me to change. It’s just a file that is made. I dont think there’s anything I can do about it. Everything is in zero so nothing can be changed in Blender.

You might have a chance by playing around with the actual import parameters in Blender.
I found this after a short search. Don’t know if you already saw it. It has disturbing audio but seems to confirm, that there are problems with the orientation.
It’s for 2.79 and you have to adapt. Or use that version to first fix that stuff.

Yeah I tried on 2.79. It imports with the same pose. In 2.8 you have to change the modes for the pose to mess up but in 2.79 it does it as soon as it’s imported the model is all mangled