I made a blender.chat for discussing RightClickSelect; let's talk about burning the spam posts

Hey guys!

For those who are unaware about Right-Click Select, it’s a section in the blender community site where you can post proposals in the most effective way possible. The trouble was that there was no official place to discuss the site, and these discussion frequently pollute the proposal posts. Most of these discussion were disjointed due to being spread accross sites, where as ‘blender.chat’ sits directly below RCS in the site navigation menu:

I’ve created a blender.chat channel specificially for asking anything about the site, getting help on your proposals and suggesting new features.


I started the discussion off already, addressing the most severe issue that RCS has right now. It’s infested with bots with no way to clear away shit-posting.

When I first posted back in 2016 here on my other account, Right-Click Select was just a baby idea in my head and the heads of many like minded individuals. I’m hubmly proud of the role I played in convincing people to make it happen, that feeling is feel all blender users to experience.

It’s testiment to what a community can do if only they have a good place to meet and discuss ideas.

I invite everyone to participate in the discussion. Let’s share some ideas of how we can make it a better environment for Blender’s future.

Kind regards,



Right click select needs to be way more focused to be any of any real good. It’s just people posting their ideas into the wind(me included) with what feels like no real uptake or feedback by the Blender developers. It’s also a non-stop fire hose(spam excluded) where it should be more of a well managed garden.

Ideas should go in a hopper, only the most well thought out and documented ones posted to the public by default. If it wants to be like Stack Overflow, then gamify this moderation process. 769 out of 4538 posts have seen any kind of moderation, it’s just too much for a small group of people. Every item marked “In Development” should require a link to the patch, task or project in the Blender project manager. Some times you can find links in the comments but you often have to go hunting for it yourself.

The way the site fundamentally works puts me off too. Every direct link to an idea is a click trap where you can’t click back to go back to the page you were on, you have to click back again. It’s not Facebook’s 20 back history items, but even 1 is super annoying.