I made a chicken!

I’ve got a moderate amount of very old experience with 3D Studio, but I built animations almost entirely with shape primitives. This is my first experience of mesh editing. I started with a plane, and built this poor bird one extrude at a time, sometimes vertex by vertex. Which is a weirdly addictive process, isn’t it? Anyway, I wanted to get comfortable with the controls, and I wanted to make the most accurate model I could (this isn’t just any chicken, this is a particular chicken).

I have a thousand stupid noob questions, but I’ll start with…are there good techniques to avoid making a ridge or indentation where the mirror modifier meets the mesh?

Any overall comments welcome too, of course.

Loving the chicken, I could totally see this in the TF2 world for some reason, looking good so far!

As for the ridge, try putting the mirror modifier before the subdivision surface (there are little up and down arrows)

Yep, that fixed it instantly. Thank you!

Now, only 9,999,999 more things to learn.

Okay, well, I was doing THAT wrong. At least, if my ultimate aim was to UV map it. I was trying to model every bump and detail. So when I went to do the mapping, it was all twisted and wadded up, no matter how carefully I tried to mark seams. So! I went back, smoothed over things like the nostril and ear (that’s the wobbly red thing on the side of her head), trying to make a smooth canvas to project an image on.

Not great, but better. That’s a watercolor on the left and a photo on the right.

Better than I could do!

Some of the experts might correct me, but I think you could use Blender’s hair system for doing feathers…

Might be neat project to learn on.