I made this sky shading and I'm sharing it for free in my Gumroad!

I’ve shared this in /r/Blender at Reddit and it seems to be helpful so…

(I’m sorry if this is not the apropriate category to post it, please let me know the best place)

This is a free custom procedural environment shading.

This shader includes:

  • Sun direction featuring midday to sunset
  • Night with/without stars
  • Sun and horizon colors
  • Sun intensity and scale
  • Floor height
  • Shader open to you customize any feature as clouds positions, clouds colors, size and so on
  • It works both with Cycles and Eevee. In cycles the sun size needs bigger values.

※ It doesn’t include a moon :frowning:

I made this as a study so I decided to share with you guys. Please feel free to share and break this toy to make your own sky texture :smiley:


Nice of you to share.

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Very nice! Thanks.

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i already made many small sky texture with some parameters

but still open to test other set up
and be back with some comments later on this week

thanks for sharing

just wondering i was looking for a sky / boreal forest map as a background
have you seen something like this ?

happy cl

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Thanks everyone!

@RickyBlender sure please teste my sky and say what you think. Hope it can add something to your projects :smiley:
About the background, I’m sorry but I’ve not seen any texture like that.

i began some quick testing
and it does offer many parameters to play with

now i don’t have a big machine yet so for me the minimum render time is like 8 minutes and find a bit slow !
but i’m certain on a big machine it would be way faster

as i said there is the background which should offer more options but not easy to find the right HDRI i guess

so right now not going to use this for my general projects but i might use it for some special scene if i can find a way to add the proper HDRI in background

but nice work for a general scene

happy cl

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I see, the main feature in it is it works with both cycles and eevee, so give it a try in realtime!
Thanks for your feedback!