I made this! (SP's CarToon)

All right. suRReal made an inspiring cartoon render, and Ian7 discussed my possibilities outside of the realistic world- I have started trying to do cartoons- mind you, I will still do realistic work, but if blender has toon shading and toon edges- Why not make a toon?

This is my first try, don’t be too harsh on the critiques.

  1. Cool 8)

Nice ship, nice riggings, nice sails (except the foresails and backsails, I still have to figure out where you’ve seen sails like that :slight_smile: )

Nice hull too! but maybe cannons are too low :slight_smile:

Now you’ll need a cartoon setting!



it reminds me of the snorkles (Do you know that cartoon?)

ENOUGH WITH THE BOATS ALREADY!!! have you TRIED to do other stuff? i’m really getting annoyed :smiley:

very nice scenerey… :smiley:

to bad Blender doesn’t have stepshading for cartoon shading as in real toon shading…would be great if anyone could figure out how to this for real inside Blender…

I have seen it in Animation:Master (and probably in other tools as well, but now for A:M) and it looks damn cool…I love toon animations :wink:


im one step ahead of ya. :wink: https://blenderartists.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=497

that good enough?


p.s. AWESOME job ScottishPig, looks great!

im one step ahead of ya. https://blenderartists.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=497

HOORAY! Now I can make mine look better.

I am most pleased by this news.

That is not excatly what I mean by “Stepshading” so, now…this is not what I mean…
but it is nice that you try and doing a effort to it in some way achive this…

this is what I mean:
and this:
and also this:



You can do this in Blender with Blend textures with colorbands for shading and a normal mapped sphere Blend for the edge, see the (very simple) example on this page

ah, yes, hmm, looks pretty cool. i just do the gradient and then press the ‘refl’ type mapping in the material buttons and get good results.