i making 2new protype game and team to help make it

hello my name is robert foster i was on blender magazine iss 9 page 42 to 46 i make 2 new protype games one of the game name robo monkey http://www.geocities.com/robbyrob042003/robo.jpg
the sec one name r-former http://www.geocities.com/robbyrob042003/rformer.jpg

reminds me of quake
have you textured them yet ?
Good ,can we see screenshots ?

Edit :- as far as i can see in the second picture , how have you turned of the texture smoothing in GE , or it’s not a real-time render ?
~ you can post this thread in the wip instead of the discussion section :slight_smile: , good luck .

hey can you help me get it to togeter please my plan design more model i not fast a modeling think you :slight_smile: it been an long time sine i put togeter logic brick i know it easy for the basic now it’s time to put it all togeter two protype game r former its not done yet i re build r-former it old protype game as crash i am re build it ha ha but my new game going to be robo monkey game its awesome ! soon i still work on the model it go to be uv map and

update on ithttp://www.geocities.com/robbyrob042003/robo2.jpg