I mean Corvette

Hi Guys …this is my last work in blender becouse i have downloaded XSI6 advanced for free and i it is so easy and great so i have made my last work on blender and its my favorite car CORVETTE 1970…

thanks all of you and i haved lots of great times with you ppl and with blender thanks for every one who made blender …i will still visit BA

Why you quitting blender?
Cause of some other software. OKAY! maybe just not anyother software.
But wheres the blender pride in you?!
Your a loser…:mad:

trak wrecka: blender is not a gang, it is not a club, it is not a woman. don’t be immature, you make the rest of us look bad.

seriously, you’re resorting to name-calling just because he’s using another program?

ge-force: good luck, but it’s a pity that as your last one you couldn’t have shined it up a little more. The model is quite good, but the ‘grey on grey’ render makes it hard to look at.

I second the notion,
you cant just turn your back on blender dude.
What did you do PIRATE the software?
you are a loser!
FYI here is my First car in blender, a Lotus Elise my favorite

define loser.

  1. Informal.
    a. a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or, esp., a felony: a two-time loser.
    b. a person who has failed at a particular activity: a loser at marriage.
    c. someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance, etc.: Don’t bother to see that film, it’s a real loser.
  2. Slang.
    a misfit, esp. someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.

So you’re basically calling him a thought criminal, a complete failure for not using blender, and an outcast misfit, like Blender is some kind of private club. You’re all a load of elitist cliquers, and more than likely none of you are older than 17. No wonder people can’t stand us all.

Also, may I remind you that Steven Stahlberg is a much better artist than you two, and probably I, will possibly ever ever be, and he uses Maya. If he used Blender, he’d be just as good. He’s not a loser simply for his software choice.

Well maybe we didnt take rejection so well, no one likes to be dumped for something “better”
As far as what software is better, that is another PC, vs Mac debate, I myself use blender on a mac, and wouldnt have it any other way.
but that dosent make it the best, I know that. But Blender is huge over in europe and it is come more and more excepted in the main stream, and we need all the ground tropps we can get to make it the next XSI, or what ever.

So, GE-Force, good luck, and we hate to loose ya, sorry for the unfriendly responce, it is very nice work by the way.
Maybe you will at least download the latest version of blender for a while
Again, sorry for calling you a loser,
Thanks for settin me straight Black Boe!!

actually, I should probably apologize myself for being so vicious about it. I’ve just been really frustrated with Blender users as a whole recently, so it’d probably be wise to take anything I say on this subject and tone it down by about 60%, and you’ll more or less reach my opinion.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me, in spite of my ranting, and my apologies for being a butt about it.

Nice car :slight_smile:

I agree with black boe, and hmm yeah good luck ge-force!

’ Cause of some other software. OKAY! maybe just not anyother software.
But wheres the blender pride in you?!’
Do you smell anything?

Yeah how did you get that program free, if it was legally, let me know how i can get it!

ok…its been nice having you here…but i am not saying much because i know that blender calls to you, you will return to us eventually.

but seriously…its been an honour.

and here is the rear view of the CAR :-


sorry for double

so your stealing!?!?
don’t you feel guilty??!

Assasin’s Creed
woooooo! assasins creed Rules!!!..




There’s no FREE Softimage.
You can never make a video game or a movie with a “Free” Softimage and sell it without going to Jail… its illegal Men!!!
In fact you can have problems just for posting this
Legally you can download a free trial version or buy the student license by a low price, but still you can only use them to learn. Softimage Advance cost 5000€
Guys, just because it’s easier that doesn’t mean its better. You will learn allot more using Blender, like tricks to solve problems, that in Softimage that solves the problems for you. If some day you gone work to a big company, that uses Softimage, if you are good in blender, you will not have any problems adapting. Enough say

But even if you downloaded the one they pirated, it would still be stealing, because, even if they owned it and gave you a copy it would be pirated, or stealing.
So i would watch out if i where you because that IS STEALING both of you are stealing, you could get big fines if somebody reported you!

the glitches are sopposed to be there, most of them anyway.

when i say sorry it is because whenever somebody mentions assassins creed i go mental, so i amm sorry for going mental.

Piracy is not a good idea under any circumstance. Go to something like http://www.studica.com/ and you can get an academic license for extremely cheap, just so long as you can prove you’re a student.