I need a 3d modeler, animator for a game

I need a 3dmodeler and a animator to make a game! its unpaid untill we start making income!!!


Here is a gameplay demo!

reply to this thread if your interested

for more information visit:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fantasyonline/224354881022688

What kind of modeling. I probably don’t want to do any animation, but I could help out with some modeling of items. PM me or reply here if you would like to talk. :slight_smile:

yes please, thax I really needed a helping hand!

I’ll PM you the details.

hello dreamsincode, i have just one question, why are you using a character from final fantasy games named lightning. i think you will be pissing of square enix if you try to make money with a game with their characters. might not be such a good idea. i hope you just used lightning as an example character and are planning to make your own. if this is not the case you might want to rethink your business strategy.

yes, lighting is just used for testing because we needed a character model for making the camera code script and controls.
But we are hoping to make our characters with detail like lighting. ^^

read our Facebook post for some preview of the story and characters.

and also we have added multiplayer,
for now its just boxes LOL.
play it with friends its funner then you think. :yes:

good its just a test character, wouldn´t want you to fight of those hundreds of japanese lawayers with samurai swords:p

No we would use shuriken! :evilgrin:

Thanks @Phoenix Smith for the lovely lamp and coat hanger.

coat hanger is my favorite. :yes:

can you give more detail about your game I think I can help a little

What would you like to know? That character look sweet! I am part of the team so I may be able to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

i’ll send you the details in PM,
check your inbox.

If you want, I can do the weapon modeling.
Please post a list of weapons you need.
And on the facebook page I saw that there were some translators.
I can translate from English to Dutch, so if you want another language…

Please send us a msg on facebook!
we can discuss there,

I can do some modeling PM my what u want and I see what I can do

I’m rather interested in this project. I can’t do characters, but any hard-surface modelling I can do. Props, weapons, terrain, buildings, such. I can also texture to some minor degree. I’m also assuming you’re using the Unity game engine?

hello,i sent you a msg on facebook,

Hey!, I’d love to help you with this game I’m pretty good at animating and modeling.

Hey, I’m decent at animating let me know if there’s anyway I can help.

Hey would love to help out, I’ve pm’d you with some contact info!

please send us a msg on facebook and we can add you https://www.facebook.com/Fantasyonline.Game