i need a good char concept

ok well im hoping that i will be able to do a project that i have had in mind for a long time and so that i dont get anyones hopes up i am not goint to tell what it is because there is a chance that i will not finish it so i dont want to go and raise eveyones hopes and then cut them down but in order to make this project i need a character design for 2 female chars. Both of them should be rather thin and agile looking one needs to look like a more or less innocent and the other needs to look more powerful both of them need to look about 25ish and fairly attractive and thats it so if you would like to help me feel free to and of course i would credit you in my credits

p.s i would do it myslef but char design and concept art is my laking point

What’s your detail level like ? For example are you going for 'toon, realistic etc?

more or less of a realistic look but if it does not look realistic in the sketch i can allways compensate for it when i actualy model it

PM me your email - I’ll try and send over a sketch of sorts. What are they wearing & like what historical period is it?

well i would prefere it if they were wearing nothing i need to be able to get there most basic form down without anythin on them because i have plans for something for them to where

Yikes - I’ll pass on that! There’s a make-human program out there somewhere if you want to try that!

lol if you want you can put clothes on them i honestly dont care so long as i have a basic sketch for me to make them from

I’ll try and send you something in 48 hours - Fingers crossed there other folks who’d also lend some concept art too.

yeah i cna only hope