i need a good multiplayer tutorial or .blend

i need good multiplayer tut or .blend file what waok on linux and 2.24a.

There is no real good up-to-date tutorial, but I remember a LAN tutorial that’s a few years old and that you can probably do a search for.

I am making mmorpg game like runescape.Lan isnt good.Sorry.

It’s possible but not easy when it comes to a bunch of clients. Download Python start a Py file with import socket and find a good tutorial that helps you on your way doing the rest. Making a game multiplayer can’t be done only with blender, you should do that with python and use a script inside blender to send the position, orientation and another variables to a client which sends it to a server, or find an another nice way for doing it.
It also depends for what kind of game, like runescape only needs to display position and orientation of another character and it’s equipment, the rest acn be done using a MySQL database server. :slight_smile:

uuu…:confused:hmm… ok…i want like runescape…

It appears that this would be impossible for you. Try starting with small things. The game “Crescent Dawn” has multiplayer, but it took years to develop. A game like runescape might be possible, but probably only for extremely advanced users.

there is a game engine called Crystalspace, I think they have the basic internet protocals all worked out for multiplayer.

Check the Crystal core, and the crystal start projects…

there are already made games as well that you can modify, do a google for Nexiuz, Quake 3 sourcecode, RTCW ET SDK, Saurbraten (and cube too, but cube is ugly), Glest, and BZtank…

some of the above listed game engines allow modifycation and re-distrabution… all of tehm have already made internet protocals, and working online games…most of them are open source, or come with a good SDK for you to tweak.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you 're search about that, but if you want to have a “online multiplayer protocol”, try “Bzoo”.
That’s a .blend file for the game engine, with python scripts. And with this, you can create a game multiplayer and online (if you have a server ;)).
And with BZoo, you can make Chat (F2, F3 and Return key to write)

There are some links :


I hope that can help you.

Sorry for my english


yes it is good but do i download the file and press p then server is disconne…

ok i get it worked in 2.24 but not in 2.24a …:confused::mad:
It is great:p
But i dont understand how i make my own page and it host game in there:(

Sorry bad english:p

I’ll try to explain what you have to do to run the “Bzoo” protocol (python script) :wink:

Open the file, you have to be in the “init” scene. You can see at your right, in the text window :

GameLogic.host = ‘ascensionwars.com
GameLogic.port = 50000
GameLogic.pseudo= ‘Guest’

The first line is the name of the server you want to test.
BE careful, the server ascensionswar is just a temporary server, and it’s possible that it doesn’t work properly. Ascensionswar is a game (made with blender). So the Studio Dragonhead, which developpe the game Ascensionswar, “give” some of his bandwith (internet), but just temporary.

So, a fex explanation

  1. pseudo (= nickname)

GameLogic.pseudo= ‘Guest’
You can enter your pseudo (by default it’s “Guest”).

  1. server
    If the server Ascensionswar isn’t ok, You can enter your own server (if you have a server ;)) or try this :

GameLogic.host = ‘LODweb.dyndns.org

If you want to use it in Local (or Lan) You have to replace the line by :

GameLogic.host = ‘’

or replace by :

GameLogic.host = ‘’

So, when all is ok, just place the mouse in the game view and press P.
That should be ok.
To verify that you are connected, just press F2.

For the chat Press F3 and Enter (return ?) to write your texte.

I hope that help you.

some explanation about Bzoo (sorry, in french for the moment) :

Bye :wink:

I use it in 2.42a And it works :slight_smile:

but do i used it in 2.24a it dont run in main only stays on init

How i grate my own server

what do you mean by "grate " ?

To create to own server, You should have a server which is connected to the internet.
And I think you should write your URL in the line

GameLogic.host = ’ ’

If you have 2 PC connected, you could try
GameLogic.host = ‘’

GameLogic.host = ‘’

Bye :wink:

i see some one in the game :p:p:D:D:D ok tnx

i but in GameLogic.host=blender3d.org
But it sed not connected

hihi cool i saw you
But i cant run in whit 2.42a

You must have a “valid” URL for the server, which is a server on which there are some files (the client, for exemple, or other). :wink: