I need a little help with a spiral

I want to model a certain ship, but I have a problem with one part. On this picture

you see that there are theese spiral things at the end of the railings, but I cannot get them to look nice. I tried doing it with an array modifier, but I can’t get the center of it to not be empty. I tried extruding manually, but that just didn’t look good enough for me. I tried it with the screw modifier too, but that too didn’t work out. I’d appriciate any help, thanks!

Unforunatly, the link in the last reply in the link you said points nowhere, but using some of that post I arrived at this

I still can’t fill it. I would have to somehow gradually size it, the outer parts by a bigger degree than the inner ones.

Also, when I try to do the curve modifier with a handmade spiral, it works.

But when I try to do it with a curve made with the curve addon, it gets messed up somehow.

Why is that?

try this one
add faces and scale it !

spir1.blend (86.4 KB)

I left a solidy modif so apply it before adding faces

you can get a nicer shape with faces

have fun

happy bl

with one of the add-ons you can add a snail shell, maybe a spiral too. i think it’s: add extra objects >> expression
(edit) reading back, I see my reply was redundant.

Thank you, all of you, I finally solved it with a spiral curve, and the curve modifier. Here’s the end result:

It may have as many faces as the rest of the ship combined, but I’ll take it :smiley:
It somehow worked when I placed everything to 0 xyz location, 0 xyz median, and did the curve modifer on the y axis.

well if you can remember what the 3D equations are
which I have somewhere but not at hand!
I have my big script for spirals but for something so simple not needed I guess

happy bl