i need a speed script.

ok some might know that im making a off-road racing sim, well i need a script that act likes a car, like the same way a car moves. i have a few speed scripts but none are what i want lol.

why are they not what you want?

have you seen erwins car physics demo? - have a look at the blender game engine physics tests

well for some reason i can never get them going lol, i dont know how to make it like a car in the bge i can only make it go at one set speed, and still thats messed up lol, when i move around if i keep going enough it will start to go under the plane. so gah lol

wow… annoying. ‘lol’ is best used at a maximum of once per post, and even then, this is a forum. not a chat room.

if you want help, write a detailed, but not lengthy, description of what you want. Also, people will be more inclined to create a script for you if they respect you, so shorthand is not very smart.

well all i need is a script lol, if any one gots laying any where that i want lmk.

There are scripts out there that do this, you need to explain in some detail why thay dont meet your needs, its quite possible with some tweaks they would.