I need a tutorial to make a simple game

Hello, I’ve been working with Blender for about a year now as fas a modeling and rendering is working pretty well, but want to learn how to create games with it, I know that it’s not as easy as it sounds but I just need to know were I can find a tutorial to create a very simple game, then I’ll try to keep working by myself but I need to know the basics. I’ve done some research but I can’t find anything that tells me how to start, could anyone help me with that?

For example, let’s say that a wanna create a 3D Pong, I just need to make two boxes and a ball, so how would I control the boxes from the keyboard and how would a make the scores, etc.

wow, even a 3d Pong game is pretty hard to make. you have to make the AI of the computer player, you have to learn the physics to keep the ball moving, python to make the paddle move, etc.

I always direct people to www.blendenzo.com because it’s a great site for both noobs and pros. also check out www.tutorialsforblender3d.com. sounds like it’s made up, but it isn’t and has helped me out a lot.

A pinball game?
You must select “Sumo” in the Physics Panel, or adapt the tut to Bullet.

cool, I’ll see if I can do it, thank you.

you dont need python to make a game. there are a few that just use logic bricks.

Try this tutorial - it should cover the basics of the GE…


Use some basic logic. The paddels could be controlled by using the sensors/controller/acuator options.